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Vick The Superhero Of Hotlanta

Calling #7… Atlanta is in a state of emergency and the Braves, Hawks, and Thrasers can’t save the city. Calling #7… Arthur Blanks has fired his 2nd coach since you’ve been in the chocolate city of the south. Calling #7… the backup quarterback – Matt Schaub – was just traded to the Houston Texans for a bunch of draft picks even though a lot of people believe he is as good (or better) than you.Don’t sweat it Mike. As long as you have tight ‘rolls in your head and lightning in your shoes Atlanta is to you like Gotham is to Batman… it’s yours money. I’ve been telling people for years that you mean more to the franchise than wins. You are the biggest boxoffice that state has ever had. If Mr. Blanks (aka Mr. Banks) is considering a new stadium or another sold out dome, he knows he needs you to convert more than a 3rd and long.

The people love you money, the businesses love you, and the league loves you. Just keep your nose (and lungs) clean and stop flipping people off. Throw for more yards and touchdowns this year and it’ll be all good in the 404 once again

I like you money and think that you can play a lot better… but I don’t know about my people out here.

What do you think about Vick? Superhero or bust? Player or played?



One response

  1. Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the brotha but he’s overrated.

    April 24, 2007 at 4:54 am

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