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G-Town Is Back… Hoya Paranoia!!!!

Watching the North Carolina vs. Georgetown game today made me flashback to the good old days of the 1980’s when the Big East was the conference with all the juice. The Hoyas ruled by force and intimidation and were the Beasts of the East.Back-in-the-day, the Hoyas were the toughest ballers in gym shorts and sneakers that the NCAA had ever witnessed. These guys played defense so hard and intimitated opponents so badly that you would have thought they were part of Tony Soprano’s crew.

Didn’t you get the sense that North Carolina wilted to a team that played with more force and swagger? The Hoyas advanced to the Final Four by playing at a ferocious level to close out regulation. It was inevitable that the young Tar Heels and its head coach would fail to oppose the “Beasts” in the overtime period. Billy Packer (CBS Game Analyst) pretty much gave them the kiss of death when he mentioned their 0 – 6 record in overtime contests under Roy Williams.

Speaking of Roy Williams…. what happened to his in-game strategy or adjustments? Did he forget how to call a timeout and regroup his team? It’s a good thing this guy can recruit.

Witnessing John Thompson Jr. cheering for his son John Thompson III (aka JT3) is a great thing. Once again the Thompsons have made history this time by becoming the first father and son coaches ever to lead their teams into the Final Four.

John Thompson III isn’t a big as his father and hasn’t adopted his defensive coaching style. He is blazing his own path with more finesse and offensive patience that has led to a quick resurgence in the program. Maybe one day he’ll honor his father by not just winning a national title, but maybe he’ll get a long white towl and throw it over his shoulder like his old man.



4 responses

  1. Chuck G

    GTOWN – The reason why the Hoyas were able to overcome the deficit is because of the never give up will that the Thompsons instill in their players.

    North Carolina figured if they would come out running the Hoyas would never be able to keep up because they are a half court team, well NC waas wrong. The Hoyas play a half court Princeton based offense, but if they have to run they can. By the end of the game it was actually NC they ran itself out. Evidence is the fact that they could not throw the ball in a pool of water. Hoyas, back on top, no matter where they finish up this year. Not to mention every contributing player will be back next year, scary for opposing teams.

    March 29, 2007 at 1:12 pm

  2. Easil-E

    Amen Brother Dre…..I too look for the resurrection of the towel.

    March 29, 2007 at 2:22 pm

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    September 1, 2008 at 6:31 am

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