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The Notorious Pacman Jones

Every now and again, an athlete goes from being famous to “infamous” as fast as Pokey Chatman (fired LSU B-Ball Head Coach) asks for your daughter’s phone number. Even if you don’t follow the National Football League you’ve heard the name Adam “Pacman” Jones (Titans). Like the thugs on the streets say… that name rings bells.

Jones has talked to police in 10 separate incidents since being drafted in April 2005 and has been arrested five times. This is something that a billion dollar industry like the NFL couldn’t ever anticipate.

Pacman’s most publicized run-in occurred in Las Vegas during the 2007 NBA All-Star game. He wanted to show the local talent at the Minxx Gentleman’s Club some love and decided to throw approximately $80,000 on to the stage. What else is a young millionaire supposed to do in Vegas baby?

The dancers didn’t get the memo that he was throwing up the money purely for a visual effect. Those ladies thought this was their night and started to grab as much money as their thongs would hold. Shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose and guns were fired hitting a female customer in the head and two security guards. One of the security guards is now paralyzed for life.

The NFL is presently having their league meetings and have already stated that a “strong” code of conduct will be implemented. Roger Goodell is leading the charge and has the backing of the owners and players to do what is in the best interest of the league. “We will make further revisions to it over the next several weeks, but I do hope to get a revised policy done before the draft,” the commissioner said. “I assure you it will be stronger.”

Many speculate that this new policy, aka The Pacman rule, will force Jones to sit out the entire 2007 season. Other players such as Tank Johnson (Bears) and Chris Henry (Bengals) could be facing a significant suspension as well.

What do you think? Should the NFL be allowed to send Pacman home with his ball for an entire year even though this guy has only been charged and never convicted? Should he get another break and be allowed to make a living?


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