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Barry Bonds & The Hypocrisy

I’m fed up with this crazed pursuit of Barry Bonds! All reasonable thinking people probably believe he took steroids, HGH or something during the early 2000’s. It doesn’t matter if he has or hasn’t tested positive for anything. I don’t want to revisit the subject(s) of the grand jury testimony, BALCO or his homeboy Greg Anderson.

A lot of players were using performance enhancing drugs not just BB. The owners, media and the players union were complicit in the conspiracy to allow this steroid phase to thrive and they should be equally held in contempt.

My beef is with the “holier than thou” attitude that fans, broadcasters and writers take regarding BB. If he wasn’t pursuing baseball’s most treasured record – MLB HR Total – his name wouldn’t make the paper. Please kill that noise because the history of this game is filled with people cheating and breaking the rules.

Tell me why there is no outrage from baseball writers and historians over the cheating pitchers are doing when they doctor baseballs? They cannot talk about America’s Pastime without a casual mention of past pitching legends that scuffed, spit on or greased up the baseballs. Of course these same hypocrits voted these guys into the Hall of Fame (i.e. Phil Niekro).

Guys have corked bats, taken “greenies,” stolen signs, hit batters and gambled on baseball games. Yet the most vilified person in the history of MLB is BB. The reason why he is the focus of so much criticism is because the writers and commentators hate him.

Let me give it to you this way… they hate him because he hasn’t allowed them to be his pal. In other words, they want to be him. Most media people are wanna-be, frustrated athletes. Either they played a sport and couldn’t make it or never played. Therefore, they decided to that a career in sports journalism (i.e. tv, radio, print) was the next best thing.

The big secret is that sports commentators treat athletes very nicely for the access they are given. They get the “insider” label… they are at all the celebrity parties… they hang out with the jocks. Not one of them will risk their access being cut off and their perceived celebrity.

That’s why these hypocrits are hellbent on destroying BB. They are out for revenge on arguably the greatest baseball player who has ever lived because he didn’t let them in.

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