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Kobe Should Go To NY Knicks


The NBA should want its biggest star on its biggest stage. New York has been a joke since Patrick Ewing left town with his 20pts./10rbs. averages. TV ratings are falling faster than President Bush’s approval ratings and having Kobe Bryant on Broadway would be a huge shot-in-the-arm for the NBA.

Kobe would be major in the Eastern Conference and bring more buzz to the large metro areas when the Knicks came calling. New York would be the biggest draw on the road and they’d be an early favorite to challenge for the Eastern Title.

The Lakers would be crazy to ever let him go, but Kobe is holding firm to his demand to be traded. He also did himself a lot of harm with his videotaped rant against his teammates that is getting major buzz on YouTube. Also, how willing are the fans in LaLa to forgive him for this latest misstep that is putting the franchise on the brink of future uncertainty and definite irrelevance once he departs.

None of that matters because it’s all about what is best for the NBA. New York needs him and they have a lot of talented players that they can package and send to Dr. Buss and Phil Jackson.

All that needs to happen now is for Commissioner David Stern to make a decree that in the best interest of the sport, Kobe needs to be traded immediately.


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