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Activism Is Dead In The African-American Athlete

The tradition in the African-American community used to be that when you made it out of your neighborhood you’d come back to make it better. That didn’t always mean the neighborhood that you grew up in, but any African-American community.

Another lapsed tradition in the African-American community was that our sports heros would stand up for social, political and economic change… they had the pulpit and would exploit it to improve the lives of the voiceless in society.


The African-American communities are being rampaged by drugs, murder, poor education and much more. If there was ever a time for the sports heros to pick up the torch that Ali, Ashe, Brown, Russell and others carried for so long… it’s now!

Never before has the access to capital been greater for the African-American athlete. Their ability to build a better future for so many is tremendous and so is their obligation.

“In order to lead the people, you must love the people. In order to save the people, you must serve the people.” Cornel West


One response

  1. I agree with you totally! It’s not just the Black Athelite but the entertainers as well. They have the attitude of I got mine you get yours. They need to remeber where they came from and whose shoulders they are standing on. “to whom much is given much is expected”

    November 29, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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