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Michael Vick… Is There Any Perspective

The National Football League 2001 #1 overall draft pick is likely finished playing the game that made him one of America’s most famous professional athletes. Why… by now you know he’s been charged with illegal (unlawful) gambling, criminal dog fighting activities and conspiracy to operate such enterprise. 

The eighteen page indictment paints a terrible landscape of the “Bad Newz Kennels” business that Vick is alleged to have co-founded and financially supported. 

After reading the indictment, it’s hard for any open minded person to not lean towards Vick being guilty. However, my question in the midst of all the protests and pressure on the NFL and its corporate sponsors is regarding the perspective of the situation.

That is… where is this organization against professional athletes when they are criminally charged with spousal abuse, driving under the influence or murder (of humans)?

Leonard Little is a Pro Bowl Defensive End with the St. Louis Rams. In 1999, he pleaded quilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Susan Gutweiler. He celebrated his 24th birthday at a St. Louis bar in October of 1998 and then got behind the wheel of his Lincoln Navigator legally drunk. Tragically, Mrs. Gutweiler would have her car smashed by Little as he ran a red light… her husband and teenage son would not see her alive again.

Little’s punishment was 90 days at a St. Louis work house and 1,000 hours of community service. After four years of probation, his record will be cleared with no trace of any criminal charges. 

Where was the outcry for  Cherica Adams??? Who you ask…  she was the pregnant girlfriend of Carolina Panthers Wide Receiver Rae Carruth. He paid to have her executed in a drive-by shooting as he watched and left the scene.

Doctors saved her unborn child (born with cerebral palsy due to trama) but Ms. Adams fell into a coma and would later die. Carruth fled from authorities and was later captured hiding in the trunk of a friend’s trunk.

Again I ask… can we have some perspective.


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