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Notre Dame’s Pain Is Joyful To Many

Thank you Georgia Tech… thank you Penn State… and thank you Michigan!!!! For kicking the Golden Domers around the football field to the tune of a combined score of 120 – 13. I understand that their offense is so bad, the NCAA will allow the Domers to have 5 downs instead of 4 against Michigan State.

It’s is priceless to see the Genius “aka” Charlie Weiss try to explain how his team has yet to score an offensive touchdown in 2007. Maybe he can explain how his defense is giving up more points than your national airline carrier.

This guy gets a pass on this horrible year because everyone still wants to blame Ty Willingham for terrible recruiting. Did these same critics blame Bob Davie for Ty’s 3rd (and last) year in South Bend? Of course they didn’t… they gave Davie credit for Ty’s first year success and ran him out of town after 3 years of a 5 year contract. The first coach never allowed to complete his contract as the head coach.

Don’t worry Domer Nation… Navy, Air Force, Duke and Stanford are on the schedule beginning in November. You can run off 4 wins and get the false sense of momentum for the 2008 season. And I don’t want to hear about your projected #1 recruiting class for 2008. That means nothing!

For Domer Haters like us this is a great year and one we will not soon forget.

Notre Dame projected 2007 finish: 4 wins 8 losses


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