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Tiger Woods makes another statement

September 16, 2007 – Atlanta, Ga.

Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship and the inaugral FedEx Cup after his final round 66. He is 31 years old and after 11 years on the PGA tour, he possesses 61 career wins… of which, 13 are major championships.

Since turning pro, Tiger wins 28% of the tournaments that he enters. That is an incredible winning percentage and it dwarfs the other top golfers. Phil Mickleson wins 9% of the time, VJ Singh 8% and Ernie Els comes in at about 6%.

Tiger stands 6’1″ weighs 185 lbs. and is the most intimidating athlete on the planet. He is at the top of the food chain in professional sports and will accept no other order. There is no peer to this once-in-a-lifetime athlete… we should all appreciate the living history we are witnessing as this man continues his march towards breaking every record in PGA history.

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