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Marion Jones Our Fallen Star


White Plains, NY

Marion Jones was the most celebrated female track star in the history of track and field. Today, all her accomplishments and her reputation were destroyed by her admission to using performance enhancing drugs.

Certainly, she will be stripped of her Olympic Medals and her records will be removed from the annals of track and field. This is more than a tragedy… this was a dynamic and engaging athlete that provided hope and inspiration to millions.

We say goodbye to another American Sports Legend this evening and are now wondering who is next to fall from grace.  

One response

  1. Eric

    This is truly a tragedy! Once again America has put the pressure on its athletes to be the best at any cost. The American public did not care that she was on performance enhancing drugs just the fact that she was winning. Once the fanfare is gone Athletes are thrown out like yesterdays trash.
    My belief is that this stuff is encouraged while they turn a blind-eye or even cover it up. Kind of like Drugs in the Inner city. They can be stopped if they really wanted to.
    Americans have become used to seeing the win and Athletes are put in a precarious position to put the “W” there at any cost. Even as this story unfolds, it doesn’t take the “W” back for her events on the event day….it’s old news. Now its just her that is left to deal with the repercussions on this day.

    October 16, 2007 at 11:52 pm

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