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Petrino Leaves Atlanta For Arkansas


Photo: Tami Chappell/Reuters

Atlanta, GA

HC Bobby Petrino resigned the day after the Falcons were beaten on Monday Night Football for the 10th time this year. He leaves Atlanta for the University of Arkansas after posting only 3 wins in 13 games. 

Not only did Petrino quit on his team and coaches, he embarrassed a classy owner like Arthur Blank. Mr. Blank spent several minutes on the national broadcast praising the leadership, vision and passion of Petrino. He was excited about the future with his coach and told millions of viewers and the entire Atlanta Falcons fanbase that this was the guy to lead this organization… in his words, the CEO.  

Why coaches are allowed to break their contracts with impunity is beyond me. It sickens me how althletes get banged on by the press when they holdout or complain about their contracts, yet coaches are given a pass. It’s one of the worst double standards in sports and it happens on the collegiate and professional levels.

I’m sure Atlanta isn’t feeling like they lost a winner anyway.

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