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The 3 Kings of Boston


Boston, MA

The NBA season is only 25% complete with many ups and downs left for teams to endure. However, the Boston Celtics have exhibited evey sign of being a legit title contender. After today’s victory against the Toronto Raptors, the Celtics’ winning streak has reached nine games. Boston is now 20-2, which is the best record in the league. It will be interesting to see how many total wins they finish with because the Eastern Conference has a lot of bad teams. In fact, the Celtics are 1 of only 5 teams (15 total) in the Eastern Conference with a winning record.

The 3 Kings of Boston aka Paul “The Truth” Pierce, Ray Allen and Kevin “Big Ticket” Garnett have delivered ridiculous early returns. The trio of royalty is averaging 59.1 ppg and are a nightmare matchup for any team. Other coaches are stymied coming up with the appropriate game plan to attack and defense this team.

If you speak with any of the 3 Kings they’d tell you that collectively they’ve all made the impact to turn this Charter NBA team around. If you ask me, it’s because of KG… not only is he so damn good, but he plays out of his mind every minute he’s on the court. That effort and enthusiasm rubs off on everyone in the organization.

Doc Rivers can start drafting his Coach of the Year acceptance speach now because that award is in the bag. Team President Danny Ainge should also be a lock to snag the award for Executive of the Year.

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