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NFL Championship Weekend

Four teams are just 60 minutes away from winning their Conference Championship and playing in Super Bowl XLII on February 3rd. The Giants visit the Packers at hallowed Lambeau Field and the Patriots host the Chargers at Gillette Stadium.

Breakdown & Predictions:

Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants – Packer Nation will be celebrating their heroes return to the Big Game because of two major factors. The first is the weather which will be brutal and typical of Green Bay during the playoffs. That will limit the # of big plays via the pass and make this a ground war. The Packers have discovered a power and speed attack from undrafted tailback Ryan Grant. The irony is that he was in the Giants summer camp this year before being traded to the Pack for a draft pick. He will now be a major factor in preventing the Giants from advancing to the Super Bowl. The second reason is Eli Manning’s inexperience. The game and moment will be too enormous for Peyton’s younger brother and he will turn the ball over multiple times. The Packers will seize those opportunities and put points on the board.

Score: Packers 34 – Giants 13

New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers – Mr. Brady will complete another chapter of his historic season by sending the Chargers back to California with another playoff disappointment. San Diego is limping into this game as their two most important offensive weapons – LT & Rivers – are game time decisions to play. They cannot compete without these two at 100% and this game will show that early as the Patriots get out to a fast start in the first quarter. Look for Randy Moss to take the challenge of being by guarded by Antonio Cromartie personal. He will catch at least a couple of touchdowns and let the Chargers know he cannot be stopped. The enigmatic Bill Belichick will have his team so well prepared that this may be their best played game of the year.

Score: Patriots 45 – Chargers 20


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