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Oakland Raiders Are The Worst Run Team In The NFL Pt. II


We told you several months ago what our insiders revealed regarding the infighting and distrust within the organization. You read it here how the players didn’t respect their young, inexperienced head coach Lane Kiffin.

So it shouldn’t have surprised our readers to learn that shortly after the season, owner Al Davis moved to have Lane Kiffin resign and hit the road. Kiffin isn’t stupid and told Davis to fire him so he would be paid the balance of his contract. Nothing has been resolved on that front… they don’t like each other and Kiffin has NO power or influence.

What you may not have read is that Kiffin wanted to fire the defensive coordinator and Davis wouldn’t let him. Davis essentially cut his knees out from under him. The assistant coaches know it and so do the players. Good luck trying to win out there this year Kiff.

Ok, so what have the Raiders been doing in the offseason? Nothing but spending money on players deemed less valuable on their former teams. For instance, the Raiders went hard after DeAngelo Hall (Falcons) and gave him a seven-year $70 million ($24.5 guaranteed) dollar contract. Atlanta couldn’t wait to get him on the first bus out of town, yet the Raiders overpaid for him. Who were they competing with for Hall’s services? No other team was even in the same ballpark regarding that money.

Hall is a very good, not great player. He has the physical tools and mindset, but he has baggage that will cause another inexperienced head coach problems. I’ve been told that he is already trying to get the #21 jersey from Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha just happens to be the Pro Bowl cornerback that the Raiders franchised on February 2oth for $9.8 million dollars. I don’t think he’ll like Hall trying to bully him and take #21.

The Raiders didn’t think they spent enough money on the secondary so they also decided to give ex-NY Giant Safety Gibril Wilson a large contract. Remember that a year ago, the Raiders drafted Mike Huff (Univ. Texas) with the #7 pick. They have millions of dollars tied up into their secondary.

Of course Al Davis needed to go after another ex-Bronco player so he felt WR Javon Walker deserved $55 million ($16 guaranteed) dollars after being released from the mile high franchise. Walker hasn’t been the same explosive player since he injured his knee a couple years ago. Compare that to the $27 million the Patriots gave Randy Moss and you Raider fans may start to realize that Davis is spending like he’s playing a game of monopoly.


2 responses

  1. C

    Worthless article

    March 26, 2008 at 8:52 pm

  2. tatestoe

    you do a great job of repeating everything that has been in print for a while, at least you didnt copy and paste

    April 5, 2008 at 10:43 pm

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