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Kareem: On The Shoulders Of Giants

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may very well be the greatest baller (college or pro) ever. He’s a record holder in the NCAA and also the NBA’s all-time leading scorer. However, he has never wanted to be defined by his skills on the court only.

On the Shoulders of Giants is Jabbars latest book in which he takes the reader on a journey of the Harlem Renaissance. He reflects and honors the greats of the Harlem Renaissance by sharing his life experience and the lessons learned from their accomplishments.     

With this project, Jabbar continues to demonstrate his depth of understanding American History and its impact on the past, present and future. Give this book as a gift for the upcoming Father’s Day!     

“I can do more than stuff a ball through a hoop; my greatest asset is my mind.”  Jabbar               


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