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Finally The Finals (pt. 2)

Aiiiight…..yea I said it, aiiiight and that is how I meant it when it comes to the NBA Finals moving west to Cali. First this game is a grown man business, and you better keep your eye on the ultimate prize, Bostons’ big 3 left 2/3rds of that group on the tarmac in Massachusetts in Pierce and Garnett, well the good news is its about time Walter Ray Allen showed up. Grown folks tend to do better in an environment that they are use to, comfortable, and confident, that was the case for the Lakers on Tuesday night in Staples Center at they closed the deal on their first win of the 08 NBA Finals. Kobe Bean Bryant (always remember, great athletes and serial killers use their middle names) did his thing and dropped 36 pts on the “Cs” while helping shut down Paul Pierce on 2 of 14 shooting. It has been said and will continue to be said by this observer, when it comes to the “glorious association”, and most sports the great ones can carry their game on the road and close the show…the great ones always do.

Think about anyone who has won dat ring in recent times in the NBA, they usually have their greatest performances in their road jersey, from Magic in the Boston Garden in 87 to D. Wade killing Dallas in 06, and of course Michael Jeffery Jordan in just about every final he laced them up, it is no coincidence those teams got it done. Even some honorable mentions from Reggie Millers’ 25 point 4th quarter in Madison Square Garden to Lebrons’ epic explosion on Detroit in the Eastern conference finals last year stand out more because of the hostile environment in which it was accomplished. Notice the free throw attempts tonight…hmmm, I did too.

The fix is in Tim Donaghy NBA refs blog is on the way. “That being said”, enjoy the Lakers showing up at least in terms of Kobe and SASHA Vujacic (What?) in game 3, and lets see how those other guys in the green uniforms respond to the second guessing of their skill, heart and competence the next 48 hours. Remember you have to be special to perform in any environment, and blessed with talent and hard work ethic for the results to consistently enjoy success. Great teams and athletes, porn stars and race horses come to mind when I try to emphasize this point. Tell me its not true…what did brown do for you?

God I love my job.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


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