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NBA Finals Recap

Did you see that…well did you? I saw it and I thought it was interesting that of all the NBA Finals in which KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce would win a championship it was together in BOSTON! The one of the two epicenters in the history of the NBA, the other being the team they beat Los Angeles. It all becomes one big cycle, the alpha and the omega. I say this because of the NBA Draft coming up. The NBA Draft is the start of the cycle in terms of major success or complete failure depending on what you do that particular draft and who you pick. Some turn out to be exactly as predicted in terms of turning the fortunes of an franchise around by their mere presence and weight of pure impact due to talent, from Bill Russell in the beginning of the Celtics Dynasty to Tim Duncan making the San Antonio Spurs a every other year Champion and everybody in between. Then there are other drafts like, well lets not go there, it is too many Sam Bowie, Kwame Brown etc…lets just not go.  
KG carried a franchise for an generation, did the best he could but not enough, Ray Allen and Paul Peirce had a little taste of success in years of their careers, but just needed a little more help and incredibly it was with each other this season they got it done. All three were without question impact draft picks and had major impact on the franchises they have played for. The draft gets you to a place where develop a foundation, a stable anchor but it is like my haberdasher Elliot Torrence has taught me about putting together a great suit, the foundation is the pants and and blazer, the key to the look is the accessories, from the shoes to the sunglasses.
The next generation of Lebron, Melo and DWade( who got his belt on 06) are the focus of the next generation of players coming up, but there are others too. this is why the NBA will become more relevant again as it was in the 80’s and 90’s because of its new blood coming in and spreading out through the NBA Draft. The Milwaukee Bucks and the other 29 teams will have a chance to change their fortunes with the reading of a name at a podium in a draft that can change history.
Just like a good suit don’t forget to hook-up the right accessories. 

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

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