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That Being Said…

It is that time of the year again…

You know the annual gathering of music lovers who get to drunk, eat too much and live life beyond their means in terms of behavior young and old…it’s Summerfest”!

As I sit at our Milwaukee Mile 540 ESPN Broadcast Center on the festival grounds I ask myself questions to help me past time and calm down. I am a little angry about some things that have happened that out of our control, but I’m starting to believe my road dog Scotty Wiz that the show may be cursed, too many strange things happening to us the last few weeks, so I need to get into another place, so it’s blogging time!

The NBA Draft has come and gone and all I can say is John Hammond is changing the culture of the franchise in a numbers of different ways on and off the floor. The drafting of Joe Alexander was no surprise, but in a way it was because of the straight forward way the Bucks went about doing it. The brought him in twice and actually admitted they wanted him and on draft night, they actually took him! Hmmmm, this is uncharted territory for me in terms of blunt straight honest actions with no cloak and daggers. I usually get to the truth, but totally off the record. The second round pick is Luc Richard Mbah a Moute out of UCLA, (that is Luke Ra-shard M-Boo-a-Moo-tay), we’re gonna have to give him an nickname real quick. Bottom line is we will see what the vision is pretty soon of the new GM, stay tuned.

Let me ask you something about the NFL off-season? What the hell is the big deal about off-season OTAs (organized team activities) and minicamps? The most dysfunctional team last off-season was the New York Football Giants, they had all kinds of issues last year from Michael Strahans’ should I retire or not to is the head coach got control of the team or not. You know what, they still won the Superbowl didn’t they? I have not heard one player, coach or management type say that the key to their Superbowl success was how they came together in the off-season OTAs, not one…ever.

So it seems the only folks that make a huge deal about off season absences of veteran players at these gatherings are coaches trying to make a point, fans and MEDIA. Not one off-season workout would have made a difference in that pass Favre threw in overtime for the pick in the NFC Championship.

In looking at few other things, the Brewers are right about where they should be considering loss of players to injury and under-performance by certain members of the team. Pitching has stepped up and been better than thought and Salomon Torres next to Ben Sheets is the MVP coming in and holding the closer role. By the way my newest nickname is for Prince Fielder is “P-Funk”, the reason why is simple, you know that look you get on your face when something stanks that scrunched up face, that’s the same look I get when Prince mashes the ball, that is why I will call him “P-Funk.”

Enjoy the annual drunken, musical pilgrimage to Milwaukee’s Lakefront…I know I do. 

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


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