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That Being Said II – Packers & Brewers

Hello to all of those that have their facts in order, numbers in line and points of reference ready to drop on anyone willing to listen to them.

Yes, that loud minority that is my bread and butter who I never under appreciate is the fans that are stirred into a frenzy or as I was once told ( by the “great” William Johnson) herded as sheep to what is important in the world of sports. If Ted Thompson makes the move to trade future NFL Hall of Famer Brett Lorenzo Favre it would be something; until then it is just conversation. Like I said all along, after doing this for about ten years now the levels of passion and interest in a player, team or sport depend usually on the player, team, or sports current status of success (paging Tiger Woods), that also includes what fans focus on.

If this was 2002 The Brewers would not be uttered out of any ones mouth in this town stats or otherwise, that is the level of indifference they had gotten to. Like the Packers of the eighties… start winning and the tone of conversation changes, and gets more and more dissected. Throw in the internet, sports talk radio, instant access on cable and satellite television and fantasy sports leagues and you have the perfect storm of stat-heads. They can site at the drop of a hat what Trent Green’s completion percentage is or the on-base percentage of Rickie Weeks is. That is ok, except sometimes it doesn’t explain why this team won or this team lost, the competition usually determines that, not stats.

The Brewers are winning now and they are fun to watch and give you something to talk about every day which creates natural thoughts of anxiety and concerns about what is next… fair enough. Stats are something that are used as an point of reference when it benefits ones point of view or even better to justify ones thought process or argument. As we progress the the rest of the baseball season we will see how Rickie Weeks and other “stats” will impact others points of view or will it be plays made or not and if they win… I’m betting on the 2nd one.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

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