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Buckle Up… This Could Get A Little Bumpy

It is not conjecture, speculation or hypotheticals no more, it is all about decisions and actions now. Brett Lorenzo Favre signed and faxed his re-instatement papers to the NFL and it is a matter of time now the Green Bay Packers have to make moves that impact the short and long-term results of the franchise. Ted Thompson now is going to make the move he is being forced to make, either trade #4, ask him to stay at home or bring him in and deal with all the distractions that brings.

The latest strange turn in “As the swamp-billy turns”, Packers President Mark Murphy flew down to the Hattiesburg Compound and ask Favre to stay on the tractor, or go huntin…not gonna happen. Deanna (the wife) and “Bus” Cook (the agent) thinks Brett is getting played by the organization, just being a “dummy” as far as they are concerned. So it looks like after the soft deadline he is gettin in dat der flying machine and coming up to the stadium. Players are in camp and practice is in full effect mode, my guess is the Favre questions are already annoying the heck out of everyone at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, get use to that boys & girls it’s only going to get worse and weird.

Throw in the fact that this whole swamp billy soap opera is effecting other NFL Camps in Hempstead, NY, Disney Sports Complex in Orlando FL and Mankato MN…you figure out the
teams. And causing coaches and quarterbacks to not just look over their shoulders but step out of the way of these bullets being shot them from Green Bay WI. Bringing the swamp-billy saga to different zip codes, yikes!

Now we get to the fun of this soap opera, what happens next? Does Favre get his way? Do the Packers get their way? Aaron Rodgers twist an ankle? Does this change the pre-game free meal we get in the press box. Who are all those security guards going to protect now running off the field? How can we some how blame Mike Tyson for all of this? The most important question; what would Lee Remmel do? These are questions that demand answers.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


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