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I’m Back & Ain’t Scared Of You Critics

I apologize for the delay, I was a little ill and I allowed someone to convince me my blogs don’t make sense to the people that read and edit them. After having my little hissy fit, I realized where that comment came from and thought like you are the end all be all of blogging. I never really care what people think about me or my points of view, I’ve gotta be who I am. In a lot of ways it was a cop-out, just felt that people didn’t want my thoughts in written form, can barely stand my points of view on the radio. Well guess what…It is what it is, deal with it!

Guess what? I could care less what people think about my blogs, never did. I am going to write them like I feel them, these blogs are coming out in a rapid fire format and in quantity with the quality that they have proven to be all along.

Last but not least, for those that don’t understand the thought process of Steve Haywood in blog form, you can always hit the comment portion after the blogs in their different websites and get clarification or just find someone else that uses better punctuation, vernacular and context and enjoy their musings. Other than that I could take the high road, which I should do, but the high road in this case is to tell the critics of my blogs to kiss my a*#!

Have a nice day.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


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