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Oakland Raider Owner Al Davis Is Gangsta

The day Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis fired head coach Lane Kiffin I called my boy in the Raiders organization and left a one word message… WOW!!!! My message wasn’t about Al firing a coach, but it was how he did it. Crazy Al went gangsta!!! Did you catch that show? He should move his squad back to L.A. because he was all showbiz during that press conference. Has an owner of any professional franchise conducted himself/herself in that fashion? No.

My boy returned my call last night and told me it’s just nuts out there. He said that when you are in a poorly run organization, you just expect stuff like this to happen. However, he ain’t mad to see Kiffin leaving either. They will not be throwing a farewell party for the former head coach because he had little friends in the building.

NFL Commission Roger Goodell isn’t happy about the Oakland franchise, but his hands are tied. Al Davis has helped build the NFL and Roger cannot slap him around to get him to act like a professional. I’ve been writing about this franchise for two years now and it’s becoming more of a punchline every week.

Good luck to the latest sucker, I mean head coach Tom Cable who is being promoted from the offensive line position.

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  1. Maureen Norris

    I actually went to the Raiders/Saints game on October 12, in New Orleans. I am a die-hard Raiders’ fan, since 1980. I was disappointed to see Al Davis fire yet another coach. To quote Al Davis himself, about his poorly run organization, he needs to find a new owner. WHO RUNS THE ORGANIZATION, MR. DAVIS? I can say I am NOT happy about losing to the New Orleans Saints, by 30+ points. GIVE ME A BREAK! Good luck to Tom Cable. He’s gonna need it. I’m going to be brutally honest here. I believe with all my heart that the Raiders need a woman coach, if you want to go that far. The Raiders’ locker room would be a whole lot different. Mr. Davis would STAY in his office. SILVER AND BLACK ATTACK RULES!!! Let us NOT be the Raiders of old that were called the dirtiest team in the league. Let us not be called the Raiders of old that LOST. I respect all of the former coaches of the Raiders. I hope that Al Davis gets his head out of the sand and actually fixes his team.

    I will ALWAYS be a Raiders’ fan. ALWAYS. No question. Do the right thing, Mr. Davis, or those of us who ARE Raiders’ fans will be deeply disappointed in YOU, and not your team. There is nowhere else for the blame to go, Mr. Davis. It’s all on YOU.

    October 13, 2008 at 12:07 am

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