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Brewers Season Over As Phillies KO Crew

Man, what a ride…it lasted a little too short, but it was fun wasn’t it? As I sit here in the press box at a dark and empty Miller Park I am less the 3 hours removed from watching a capacity crowd stand up and cheer the Milwaukee Brewers players as the Philadelphia Phillies celebrated at the pitching mound moving on to the NLCS. They gave you a season to cheer didn’t they? They gave you reason to become a regular user of Malox and Bayer in the month of September and then a reason to get out the bottle of the good hooch the last game of the year and party like its 1982.
The Brewers did all of that and then some, they dealt with adversities like losing Ben Sheets who has probably thrown his last pitch in a Brewer uniform, and not getting a lot of runs. They also gave you late game heroics in the last week of the season against Pittsburgh and those Cubbies from the city of Chicago, via Braun, Weeks and P-Phunk Fielder. We watched Corey Hart go out there and struggle like no other Brewer down the final run of September, but keep humping along, fighting through it and of course we got to see the greatest stretch of clutch pitching by C.C. Sabathia, who not only help carry this team to the post season, but revive hope in a fan base and community that had lost it’s faith that it could happen here and happen now.
They gave us the awkward firing of Ned Yost, who in a lot of ways is the reason they got this far, and maybe the reason the scuffled the way they did too. They did all of these things on this great ride of following a sports team trying to get to the top of the heap, living and dying with every pitch, at bat and going from sipping champagne to packing boxes and saying good-byes in a week period.
All of this happened, it was so much fun that if you didn’t enjoy the ride you have only yourself to blame. The Phillies may have celebrated at Miller Park on Sunday, but we celebrated the last three weeks with baseball games the mattered, a venue worthy of coming to see them in (thanks Selig and Petak), and an experience that took 26 years to have happen. It is time to get off the ride for now, but next time lets stay on a little longer and have a little more fun…Buckle up!

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

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