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Green Bay Packers Are Searching For Answers


Now what?
The Green Bay Packers are 5-6 and looking less and less like a playoff team unless they win the NFC North division. That being said, the Packers are not catching or creating the breaks that went their way last year. The easy answer is the fact that #4 is a New York Jet and they are reapping the benefits of his aura and presence by becoming one of the best teams in the AFC, and you may hay have a point with that way of thinking because it is a results oriented business and 8-3 is better than 5-6 period. 
Go Back to August and ask yourself if this was expected and the answer is problably not. If anything coming off a NFC Championship appearance you would hope that other elements of the team would have improved including the coaching, yes the coaching which has most of the season been kind of been overlooked and not as scrutinized as the play of Aaron Rodgers, the D line and other players specifically. Special teams has been at best suspect especially the coverage teams, the defensive line coach has not got anything special out of his unit, my man Edgar Bennett can also be taken to task a little for the lack of progress in the running game until very recently and for all the accolades Winston Moss get as assistant head coach-linbackers coach have we seen any real improvements in the that group? If anything Barnett before the injury didnt look sharp and A.J. Hawk and Poppinga have regressed so far this season. Has coach Mac done anything with his play calling and in game adjustments to make you believe he has grown as a play caller…you tell me?
The great thing about this is all the worts exposed this year can be forgotton if the Pack surge and when 4 of the last 5 or even better sweep out and go 10-6. That will surely guarentee another playoff for the Packers and keep those whispers at a minimum for a little while, but those whispers will be statements of loud opinon, especially if Brett Lorenzo Favre keeps the streaking Jets rolling along, stay tuned.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


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