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State of The Black College Football Coach ’08: NCAA Disgrace


Each year, there are coaches getting fired and hired at the 119 universities and colleges. The number of African-American Head Coaches will be reduced by 3 after this season as Ty Willingham (Washington), Ron Prince (Kansas St.) and Sylvester Croom (Miss. St.) are leaving their posts. Only Randy Shannon (Miami), Turner Gill (Buffalo) and Kevin Sumlin (Houston) remain. A ridiculous 3 out of 119 Head Coaching positions in major college football are held by African-Americans.

This is a DISGRACE!!!!! A sport that is dominated by more than 50% participation of African-American student-athletes can only show a 2.5% rate of African-American Head Coaches… This is a MAJOR DISGRACE!!!!!

What is the NCAA going to do? How much more can the Black Coaches Association do?

You cannot tell me that there are no qualified African-American Coaches to fill many of these jobs. Many of my personal friends are coaching in the NFL and at the major college level… they aren’t even getting interviews at these schools. They have playing experience (NCAA/NFL) and coaching experience which cannot be denied… so what is the deal???

I’m sure some will look at this and say so what… others will look at it and say that things are changing… I’m of the opinion that the NCAA needs to implement a serious initiative to recruit, develop and staff African-American Head Coaches similiar to what the NFL does with its Rooney Rule (est. ’03).”


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