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3 NFL Coaches Get Visit From The Turk


It’s that time of the year again when NFL Owners look at their product and decide if the head coach they’ve hired is getting the job done. Today, Eric Mangini (NY Jets, 23-26 in 3 seasons ), Romeo Crennel (Cleveland Browns, 24-40 in 4 seasons ) and Rod Marinelli (Detroit Lions, 10-38 in 3 seasons ) were paid a visit by The Turk. The Detroil Lions organization is in such bad shape that the Ford Family has reportedly fired every coach except Sam Gash (RB Coach) and Shawn Jefferson (WR Coach).

All three men proved that it takes more than knowing X’s and O’s in the NFL. There is no question that each of them can coach (they’ll be hired very soon as assistants), but in order to win you better have a superior front office (see Miami Dolphins).


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