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49ers Hire Singletary To Lead Them

NFL Hall of Fame Linebacker Mike Singeltary busted heads on the football field and earned his place in Canton, OH. Football Coach Mike Singletary busted his a** leading a team to a 5 – 4 record during the 9 games he was interim Head Coach. Scratch that interim tag… Singletary was given the gig as Head Coach and signed a 4-year $10 million dollar contract with the San Francisco 49ers.

Big Ups to the 49ers organization for hiring this man and Respect to Singletary for doing it the old school way. He demanded respect and results of his millionaire football players and expected them to be accountable unlike Mike Nolan.

We knew he was going to get it done after his first press conference after he coached his first game against the Seattle Seahawks. Peep this video again and tell me if this isn’t a Head Ball Coach for your team.


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  1. Ceci étant, ce petit diable n’a pas demandé son reste et à tout de suite compris qu’il ne s&orgus;aqissait pas du tout d’un sujet propre à être discuté !!Je pense qu’il va tout de même s’en remettre …. Il est reparti en galopant de plus belle

    May 14, 2017 at 3:59 pm

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