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You know USTE is all about bringing a perspective to sports and entertainment that you just cannot find at other sites. We love underdogs, people that grind to make it and winners that are yet to get their respect. In continuing with that tradition, we are excited to spend this post recognizing an artist that will be a big star in the future. This artist is Gem Avery…

Known to some as a saucy Alabama artist Gem’s singing style is smothered by elements of Blues, Country, Soul, Jazz and Gospel! These elements have created her signature sound on an inviting plate called Ambient Soul. When asked to describe her music she shared, “I love all music but the two genres I love to mix are packed with feeling. I love ambient music because it will embrace senses you didn’t even know you had and I love soul music because it seeps into the cracks of your inner being and stays there. I want to gently embrace and realign my listeners with the feeling of music…and so Ambient Soul came to define the Gem Avery brand of Neosoul.”

Gliding effortlessly from contralto to altissimo, Gem Avery’s 5 octave vocal range is nourishment for the listening soul. She credits Sade, Minnie Riperton, Nancy Wilson, Dinah Washington, and Betty Wright for influencing her style through inspiration. Gem’s debut album, Gas Money, boasts thirteen (13) spirited tracks. The head nodding starts from song #1 with “Heard” which speaks to an artist’s acceptance of infinite anonymity. The pace continues with the pessimistic title cut “Gas Money” and flows on with cuts like “Fly Away.” Other tracks that stand out are the self-enlightened “Focus” and “Righteous” which is towards the end of the album. 

Do yourself a major favor… bless your ears and spirit by visiting Gem’s site to hear hear music. Support this future star and purchase Gas Money at


3 responses

  1. Free G.

    wow cool blog – adding it to my favorites thx

    February 4, 2009 at 4:36 pm

  2. Anonymous

    Say Blackztours is here!! Thanks, and Paint the Crowd with BLACKZTOURS tee-s, 4 you are and Event a Blackztours Special Event. Thanks “Gem”

    February 6, 2009 at 1:21 am

  3. Shyrita Billups

    Congradulations girl!! You are truly an inspiration! I know even more great things are coming your way. Just hold on. God bless.

    (YSIC) Ya Sista In Christ

    February 10, 2009 at 2:55 pm

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