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Next: Nu


You know we love the underdog in sports and the underground in music. A month ago, we started a new feature called Next where we highlight an artist that we felt was hot and needed some run. Our first artist, Gem Avery, has turned into a fave on our site. We hope you enjoy our Next featured artist…

Nu is a MC from Pennsylvania (aka Illsylvania) and is presently living abroad in Germany.  He owns an independent label called Nu Lyfe Recordings and has been laying down tracks for a minute earning his respect. He told us,  “I’ve been grinding for years but my music hasn’t got into the right hands.” 

Nu has an incredible track titled Ur Loss on his website that is a definite head banger. The beat is midtempo and Nu’s flow weaves perfectly on the highs and lows of each beat. The hook is tight and the lyrics are definitely clever. In fact, Nu has a little (early) 50 Cent in his wit and flow. However, his sound is unique enough that you’d want to hear more from this MC and he delivers on tracks Man of God, Sometimes and Hi Hater.

Nu’s  mixtape is for available for purchase on his myspace page. These bangers will wet your appetitite until he finishes the final touches on his soon to be released album. Show my man Nu crazy love and hit him up at


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