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Ben Gordon, The Boston Strangler II

Andrew Toney aka The Boston Strangler, Philadelphia 76ers ’80-’88

Ben Gordon of the Chicago Bulls is reminding me of one of my all-time faves Andrew Toney of the Philadelphia 76ers. As a longtime, diehard 76ers fan my NBA Playoffs have been a lovely surprise watching Gordon pull off this identity theft. Some of you may not remember or know of Andrew Toney, but let me drop some wisdom on you.

See, back in the 80’s the 76ers were a beast and they had a kid wearing #22 from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (now Louisiana-Lafayette). This cat was such a prolific scorer against the Celtics during playoff series that he earned the nickname The Boston Stangler (hereafter TBS). Toney was more feared than Dr. J if you can believe it by the ‘Cs’ during his career. It was the main reason why Dennis Johnson (RIP) was brought to Boston… he was the Toney Stopper.

With all due respect to DJ… along with Bird, McHale, and Parrish they had no answer for TBS. When he dropped 34 pts. in Game 7 of the 1982 Eastern Conference Finals at The Boston Garden, the fans showed their respect and began to shout “Beat LA, Beat LA, Beat LA.” That’s the beginning of a legend…

Family, I have never, ever, never, ever mentioned a shooting guard in the same sentence with Toney after ’88. Today, I have to let it go and say that Ben Gordon should now be referred to as The Boston Stangler II (hereafter TBS2). Gordon has earned that level of respect in 5 games… I just hope that NBA fans will continue to see TBS2 in the playoffs for many years to come

Respect to Andrew Toney!!!!!

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