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Twitter, The New Sports Media


I know this is insane for someone like myself to say, but I speak on this from more of a fan point or athlete point of view and not as a media person. Social electronic networks like Twitter, My-Space or Facebook might in some cases serve a better purpose in some instances than dealing with the media.

Understand when I say this that if you are a smart media personality, athlete or otherwise you can utilize both to get out your message, thoughts or point of view in the context that you want to have represented through both avenues.

These are new tools in the world of electronic communication & media. Like it or not we live in the need to know as soon as now era, and these tools are already changing the landscape of communications and making a connect easier between certain groups. Ill give you an example of how this is working in real time life…as I write this blog I have not 1,2,3,4 but five people at the NBA Finals Tweeting live from the Staples Center and it is from a diverse group of personalities including Kareem Abdul Jabaar on the LA Lakers Bench to Jeannie Buss (who is the President of the Franchise) tweeting from the Floor to Jalen Rose of ESPN and Model Melyessa Ford doing their thing courtside at the game. Alot of interesting perspectives from all these different people giving more of a feel of the atmosphere there.

It is a double edged sword though because it does not always show your tone or the context in which you make your point of view known, that is where media like myself still serve a purpose in that we are a conduit to the masses of people who have interest in what these poeple are talking about.
I know as someone that needs that pipeline to remain strong that this is a tool that will be a factor in how I do my job in the short and long term future.

Unlike my colleages who didnt respect the impact of the internet on the newspaper business, I think I will try to be ahead of the curve on this one.

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