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Bush – Kardashian The Remix

[picapp src=”c/7/f/f/Premiere_Of_DreamWorks_68f5.jpg?adImageId=6318936&imageId=5020442″ width=”443″ height=”594″ /]

I guess Reggie and KK decided to hell with all you haters… we are going to give this celebrity relationship thing another shot. Read what People Magazine is reporting.

Regarding Bush’s game on the field… doesn’t look like my boy is going to be in New Orleans after the ’09 season. After 5 games his stat lines reads like this: 42 carries 165 yds. 3.9 ave. 2 tds. 15 rec. 158 yds. 8.5 ave. 0 tds.  That just isn’t the production you need from the #2 pick in the 2006 NFL Draft. The Saints offense has 3 or 4 other playmakers that are making things happen and that means Bush has become an expensive offensive decoy. Look for the Raiders to be in the mix for Bush in the off season.


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