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Coach Otis Charged With Soliciting Sex From Player


Renowned Hoops Coach In Serious Trouble

A legendary California high school basketball coach could be convicted today of trying to pay one of his players for sexual favors.

Previously known as the varsity coach who built Compton Dominguez into one of California’s top hoops programs, Otis was fired after the alleged incident last August. Otis’ son testified that his father never left the house on the date of the allegations.

Between 1987 and 2008, Otis led the school to five state titles, but his trial is the second time since 2000 that he has faced similar charges. Otis was re-hired at Compton Dominguez after losing his job when another player and current trial witness “Dontae C.” accused his coach of sexual assault. Otis was acquitted of the charges, but prosecutors called on Dontae, now 26, to testify again, in hopes of painting Otis as a predator toward players.

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