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Tiger… Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Tiger & The Wife During Happier Times


People cheat on their spouses, it is morally wrong in some cases illegal in others and in our society mostly frowned upon. But more and more stats are proving that it is increasing or maybe we are just acknowledging it out in the open more than in the past. With all the stereotypes and double standards that have been tolerated over generations in our society we are now from a PC standpoint dealing with adultery with more tolerance than prejudice, racism and even some forms of political incorrectness.

Rachel Uchitel Hooked Tiger Up Globally

I am not here to pass judgment on Tiger, his wife or the scenario that happened at his home that has led to the revelations-speculation of what he has done or not done in his marriage or personal life…not my gig nor should it be yours in my opinion. But because we live in the high tech-cyber blog world of what should or should not offend you, what is good and bad or what is the truth or not the truth a car accident in the middle of the driveway on Black Friday at one of the most prominent, recognizable figures on the planet has led to this. From what really happened that morning, to how they are handling it from a legal and public relations standpoint is being put under the microscope and everybody is monday morning quarterbacking. I’m guilty as charged because I have done that too, but like a gapers block on the freeway, I’m glad I wasn’t in that wreck and keep it moving, I hope at some point you do the same. Because lets be brutally honest, if Tiger Woods follows the 2010 get back in good graces playbook he will admit guilt, then ask for forgiveness 1st from the wife, then those he loves the most, last but not least the people that get him paid, consumers and sponsors. When he picks up another trophy on a golf course we will remember why Tiger Woods is relevant to a lot of people in our society, because of what he can do on that golf course. Just think about it, would you rather be driving by in the gapers block or in the middle of the wreck?

Steve Haywood
On-air Host
“The Game”

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