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That Being Said… 2010 Off To A Good Start

I have been very reluctant to write a blog over the holidays. I tried to enjoy my family and friends and read others points of view to see where my perspective falls in the general landscape. It has been a entire month and I’m ready to get back after it so I will start slow and ratchet it up rather quickly so stay with me people. Today’s blog is a few quick hitters of which I will get into more details with some of the topics later on in more detail.

My 1st thought is on the Green bay Packers potential run into the NFC Playoffs. They are next to the San Diego Chargers the hottest team in the NFL, and that will carry them only so far in the post season. Can they beat Arizona and then whomever after that the weeks after that get them to Miami the 1st week in February? Sure it can, will it? Nah…will not be the NFC rep even though they have all the pieces to get there. Got to catch breaks and that is really hard to do on the road for 3 consecutive games, if they do though it will be as sweet as anything I can remember in following sports ever.

Gilbert Arenas…there is so much here to delve into that I must write the long blog on this, but I will say this…guns are serious business, as well as forgetting to maintain a certain extent of common sense, in this case both have to be addressed and will be.

Manny vs. Floyd – Boxing’s biggest spectacle doesn’t look like it is going to happen because of concerns about who and when people will be tested. Trust me folks this the equivalent of anything you can have I have only my way…not yours. There is too much money and these two ego-maniacs have too much damn pride to not see who the better man is in the ring. They agreed to terms too fast, things were going to smoothly, there has to be drama either manufactured or real to create the animosity that helps to hype the fight. TRUST ME 2010 will not go by without a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight…it just won’t.

It’s good to be back…hope ya missed me.

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