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Jets Players Accused Of Harassing Female Reporter

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NFL boss Roger Goodell was demanding answers Sunday night from Jets’ players and coaches accused of subjecting a female sports reporter to sexist locker room conduct.

As they prepare for their season opener Monday night, Gang Green is dealing with a burgeoning scandal over the treatment of Ines Sainz, a sports reporter for TV Azteca of Mexico, during a weekend practice.

Sainz, 32, a former Miss Universe contestant, complained she was bombarded with catcalls and boorish antics at the Jets’ New Jersey training facility to the extent she wanted to “cover my ears.”

“I’m dying of embarrassment!” Sainz tweeted in Spanish.

Goodell immediately ordered an investigation into the “troubling” allegations, which were addressed in a team meeting Sunday night.

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One response

  1. David

    While the boys may not have been very nice to her, I think she’s being a hypocrite. She has maintained her body at top flight caliber in order to be in the game. Being a beauty pageant contestant is about being noticed as much as anything else. So she was in a locker room full of naked men, dressed provocatively (honestly, she could have worn a paper sack and been dressed provacatively), and they noticed. So be it. Get tough, girl. If you can’t be tough, get out of a man’s world. You don’t belong there.

    September 14, 2010 at 11:19 am

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