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Don’t Call It A Comeback, Mike Vick II

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I didn’t see it happening this fast and as an Eagles fan, I wanted to see if K2 aka Kevin Kolb had the skills to play. Coach Andy Reid said forget that and changed his mind (as I have) to pick Mike Vick as his new starting quarterback.

The internet is on FIRE and talk radio is CRAZY chatting about this move. Can Mike Vick really morph into a pocket qb or did he just tease us? Is he going to be the player everyone wanted him to be or will he go back to running first?

Just win money.


One response

  1. ssolo21

    Mike Vick is a good quarterback. I am a falcons fan so I have seen him play pretty much every NFL game he has been in. With that said, he is not a great qb. Can he win a Super Bowl….sure. If he struggles I have no doubt in my mind that Andy Reid will pull the plug on him just like he did with Kolb. Not a huge Vick fan considering he almost ruined our franchise but I would like to see him succeed because he is one of the most electrifying player in all of sports.

    September 24, 2010 at 6:01 pm

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