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Flintstone TV: Detroit Pistons Good Luck Charm


Will Bynum>Rodney Stuckey

Picture this…

We’re at the park and we’re shooting up for captains. I hit the first shot which gives me first captain and someone else hits after me which obviously gives them second captain. Among the players that we can choose from are Detroit Pistons guards Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum.

Who am I going to choose with the first pick? Will Bynum!

Bynum is more consistent, scrappier and a better basketball player than Rodney Stuckey. At first I thought it was just an illusion after his strong finish of the 2008-2009 season in Motown. Bynum averaged a solid 11.8 points on 46.2 percent shooting in just 19.5 minutes per contest in his first playoff series against King James and the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers of last season.

While Stuckey didn’t completely bow down to the Cavs, to his credit he did average 15.0 points and 5.3 assists but shot a nasty 39.3% from the field. In my opinion, if Bynum was given the green light that the Pistons give Stuckey than he would thrive in the same fashion.

After Stuckey’s first post-season season oust in the 2007-2008 season under Chauncey Billups in which he averaged 8.2 points and 3.4 assists on 37.1 percent shooting from the field, the Pistons were ready to place the franchise in Stuckey’s hands. With Bynum it’s different, it seems as though his performances go completely under-the-radar.

For example, his 24 points and 6 rebounds against the Los Angeles Lakers this past Tuesday in which he shot 75%…Or how about his 27-point effort against the Dallas Mavericks the game before that on 68.8% shooting…Or even his 16 points and 4 assists against the Charlotte Bobcats on 83% shooting on Nov. 11. This man is the truth! He has mad game.

“Bynumite” has a unique ability to bring the playground game to the NBA with his yo-yo handles and wet jumper that slices through the net. He brings that Chicago gritiness to the point guard position as the 6 foot (5-10 if you as me) guard steps up to the challenge  to take on each of the league’s elite players at his position on a nightly basis.

Starting with his stupid hops, “Bynumite” will blow by you and dunk over you just like he did against the Bobcats.

Then he will cross you up like he did the last fool who challenged him.

Or if you are stupid enough to test his street cred then he will just prove it to you like he did on the streets of Chi or at Georgia Tech.

At this point, I am almost completely sold on my opinion that Will Bynum is clearly better than Rodney Stuckey. I’m not taking away anything that Stuckey does because he is a good young talent in the NBA today but I truly feel that if Will Bynum was placed in the same role that Stuckey is currently is in than he would be more productive.

The proof is not only in the statistics, but also for anyone who watches any Pistons games.  Bynum always outplays Stuckey and that’s the moral to the story. Through 12 games, Bynum is putting up 14.3 points and 4.2 assists on 50.4% shooting as opposed to Stuckey’s 17.1 points and 3.8 assists on 38.7% shooting.

You do the math…

I would be willing to bet that my team at the park, led by Bynum, would beat that team led by Stuckey on any day. Any bets?

Flintstone TV: Don Lawson Interview

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Flintstone TV: LeBron James Sneaker Collection

Nike Air Max LeBron VII Review

by Eric WoodyardNike Air Max LeBron VII

This is a public service announcement…

The Nike Air Max LeBron VIIs are the hottest basketball sneakers in the game right now!

With the seventh release of the LeBron James signature shoe, I have to admit that it sounds a little cliché to list the latest shoe as the greatest shoe but it’s true. There no other way to explain it because it’s clearly the best of the bunch.

“The New LeBron VII takes my signature line to a new level of innovation,” LeBron James said on

Nearly every aspect of the shoe is beautiful which forms to make the product an overall masterpiece. Not only is the shoe eye candy for sneakerheads, it also provides maximum comfort and stability to the foot while still managing to pay homage to a few the King’s best personality traits.

Ditching the Zoom technology that was incorporated in the previous six sneakers and replacing it with the new Max Air 360 unit, James quickly shows that he’s willing to improve every aspect of his sneaker’s on-court performance. This unit contains 80 percent more air than the previous full-length unit and I can tell you from personal experience that it makes a hell of a lot of difference. This unit provides that walking-on-pillows feel and makes you forget that you’re even wearing a shoe at times.

Nike also decided to incorporate the Flywire technology into the product as well (a la Nike Hyperdunk/Hypermax) which drastically decreases the weight of the shoe. LeBron’s shoes have generally become known for heaviness and bulkiness, but this shoe is very lightweight.

The difference between the Flywire used in this sneaker than it was in previous Nike products is that a double-layer of the technology is crafted into the shoe. The double-layer Flywire is great for managing harder cuts because it makes the shoe stiffer and more durable to hold the inner beast of King James or anyone else for that matter.

“When designing the Air Max LeBron VII, we envisioned a shoe that was both strong and comfortable,” Nike Footwear Designer, Jason Petrie said on “We delivered a shoe that is a perfect combination of superior performance and luxurious style, embodying LeBron himself.”

Paying homage to the legendary of LeBron James, as with all of the others, was also a theme of the shoe as several hints are placed throughout the shoe to remind you just whose shoes you are wearing. These include his symbol obviously, his autograph on the tongue, as well a few of his favorite punchlines (Passion, Fearless, Tradition, Community, Family, Loyalty) in several parts of the shoe.

Outside of all the technological details that went with the creation of the product, it’s just very stylish. You can rock the shoe with jeans or sweatpants and still look hot while doing so.

After purchasing the shoe, I decided to wear the shoe to a step-show on our campus and one of the security guards asked me if they were Michael Jordan’s? This is the ultimate complemeNike Air Max LeBron VII boxnt for a basketball sneaker.

Despite all of the innovative qualities with the production of the shoe, it doesn’t come at a cheap price. The suggested retail is a hefty $160.

For a struggling college student like myself, satisfying that passion for flashin’ is pretty expensive for this product, but I truly believe that the Nike Air Max LeBron VIIs are worth the investment.

Pros: Quality, Style, Comfort

Cons: $160 Price Tag

Verdict: Must Have!

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Flintstone TV: Miame Giden Interview

In my last episode of “Flintstone TV,” I introduced the world to Western Michigan University’s women’s basketball team. In this episode, I am introducing you to WMU’s leading scorer Miame Giden.

Averaging 12.4 ppg, Giden was also named to the All Mid-American Conference Freshman Team last season while holding the 15th-highest scoring average among freshman nationwide.

As she prepares for her sophomore season, this is what she had to say…


Eric Woodyard — “The Flintstone”

Flintstone TV: WMU Women’s Basketball Practice

The secret to success in the game of basketball is plain and simple: Practice!

The women’s basketball program at Western Michigan University is well aware of this. To get better, the school’s athletic department hires male practice players to help push the females in the many intense practice drills.

“Most schools, including us, want their players to compete against players that are bigger, faster [and] stronger, and often times there aren’t too many females in the normal population that are usually bigger, faster [and] stronger than your scholarship players,” Western Michigan head coach Tasha McDowell said. “So it’s great to have males that know the game and are willing to be a part of a practice squad to benefit the team. It helps us to react quicker, to defend harder and to be able to go against an elite level of athletes.”

This has become an integral piece to the organization, and it is not often recognized. In my spare time, I like to help the team and it is a joy to see them implement the skills that we have worked on in practice into a game. In a sense it’s like coaching… but not quite.

With the help of WMU senior Marcus Voelz behind the camera and the genius of Chyn Wey Lee on the editing, I was able to put together this piece.

Eric Woodyard-The Flintstone

Who Hotter Than Me??!!

The best in the state!

He may not have the awards to show it, but the University of Michigan’s Manny Harris is the best player in the state of Michigan! (…maybe the Midwest).

 With a jumper as wet as libation, handles as crisp as a Nas haircut, and a cormorant’s spirit when it comes to scoring, Harris is unstoppable. Averaging 16.8 points, 4.4 assists and  6.9 rebounds per game, he will lead Michigan far into the tourny, as long as they can stay far away from the Michigan State Spartans.

He even has the swag to complement his skill. He doesn’t just wear his jersey, he rocks a t-shirt under the jersey; His shorts are baggier than most, and he has that aura of being the best. He is the truth!

Why wouldn’t he be? The 6’5″, 185 pound sophomore from the “D” has been getting it in all season. He stellar play even helped him garner an All-Big Ten selection.

When Michigan faces Clemson tomorrow for the first round of the tourny, it will be no different. Manny will bring it!  

He picked up his “dog” mentality back at Detroit Redford High School where he took home the Michigan Mr. Basketball trophy back in 2007. The reason I give him the upper hand over players like MSU’s Kalin Lucas, is because of that characteristic alone.

2009 will be the year that Manny Harris blesses the nation with his prowess!


Michigan State University: The Revival!

As the Michigan State Spartans get ready to make their run in the NCAA Tournament, I can’t help but reminisce of the 2000 team that was esoteric towards success. This year’s Spartans bring a smile to my face  every time that I watch them because it seems as if they also possess this same knowledge that made those Spartans, who won the National Championship, led by the  ”The Flintstones” so successful.Sophomore guard Kalin Lucas, 2009 Big Ten Player of the Year and team MVP, runs the show much like Mateen Cleaves did. Senior Travis Walton, Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, voluntarily locks down the opposing team’s best player much like Charlie Bell did. Junior Raymar Morgan picks up the scoring slack in the clutch much like Morris Peterson did.It doesn’t matter that the only two “true” Flintstones on this year’s roster, Tom Herzog and Marquise Gray, dont make much of an impact. They continue to make the original’s efforts interminable. 

Not only does MSU have the knowledge, they also have the hunger and “dog” to get gritty when games get tough. Just look at what they did to the University of Michigan’s Manny Harris (7 points, 2-10 shooting)…let’s just say he agrees.

The stage is set for this team to win the National Championship this season! They have what it takes…the “it” factor.

On Friday, March 20, tune in to the revival of the 2000 Michigan State Spartans and the ”Flintstones.” With the Final Four in Motown this year, The Spartans have no choice but to represent the state of Michigan proudly. Starting at 9:50 p.m., Robert Morris University will become the first victim on the road to redemption for the Spartans of MSU!