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My Milwaukee Bucks

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I really love “The Association”, and I will get more in depth when I can get my thoughts together with the loss of my buddy at home, but here it is short and sweet…and this is the guy that was one game off from hitting last year with my prediction.

The Milwaukee Bucks will be:49-33 winners of the Central Division title.

There it is from someone that has a clue, RIP Lucky Dog you will be missed.

Steve Haywood
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A Bird In The Hand vs One In The (Reggie) Bush!

So let me get this straight, Reggie Bush won the 2005 Heisman Award Trophy as the best collegiate football player in the country for that year if I remember correctly…that is what I remember happening from the great runs all over the land. So because Reggie allegedly took a few dollars from someone who was not exactly on the up and up at that time that makes all of the games he played in forfeits and effectively he was an ineligible player, I understand and respect rules and realize that there has to be consequences for actions that are giving someone or somebody a competitive advantage, but riddle me this Batman…Did Bush play any harder or better with these alleged payments you tell me if he did? Look when it comes to college big time sports (D1 Football & Hoops) I really have found that I’m morally bankrupt…I just cannot pretend to be on this high and mighty horse and high ground of, “don’t take the money, don’t take the benefits, hey Reggie lets go to the USC Bookstore and see how many of your #5 jerseys sell today at 75-90 bucks a pop and you get nothing but that great education and room and board!”
I am jaded enough in living life in the real world that everybody has their hand out and these “assets” on these campuses generate a lot of revenue and give these “Mecca’s” of higher learning and opportunity at getting their message through the sports programs. I say do everything the right way the best you can but if you can get what you can get…don’t get caught and make peace with your higher being after the fact.

So USC gave back the Duplicate award and took anything that represented Bush at USC out of their achieves…that is ok, but if you want to impress me give back the money you made off of Bush in 2005, that will tell me that it is not just one big fat dump on the guy and passing the buck by the university.

Like I said a few birds in the hand are more than one in the BUSH!

Steve Haywood
On-air Host
“The Game”

That Being Said… 2010 Off To A Good Start

I have been very reluctant to write a blog over the holidays. I tried to enjoy my family and friends and read others points of view to see where my perspective falls in the general landscape. It has been a entire month and I’m ready to get back after it so I will start slow and ratchet it up rather quickly so stay with me people. Today’s blog is a few quick hitters of which I will get into more details with some of the topics later on in more detail.

My 1st thought is on the Green bay Packers potential run into the NFC Playoffs. They are next to the San Diego Chargers the hottest team in the NFL, and that will carry them only so far in the post season. Can they beat Arizona and then whomever after that the weeks after that get them to Miami the 1st week in February? Sure it can, will it? Nah…will not be the NFC rep even though they have all the pieces to get there. Got to catch breaks and that is really hard to do on the road for 3 consecutive games, if they do though it will be as sweet as anything I can remember in following sports ever.

Gilbert Arenas…there is so much here to delve into that I must write the long blog on this, but I will say this…guns are serious business, as well as forgetting to maintain a certain extent of common sense, in this case both have to be addressed and will be.

Manny vs. Floyd – Boxing’s biggest spectacle doesn’t look like it is going to happen because of concerns about who and when people will be tested. Trust me folks this the equivalent of anything you can have I have only my way…not yours. There is too much money and these two ego-maniacs have too much damn pride to not see who the better man is in the ring. They agreed to terms too fast, things were going to smoothly, there has to be drama either manufactured or real to create the animosity that helps to hype the fight. TRUST ME 2010 will not go by without a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight…it just won’t.

It’s good to be back…hope ya missed me.

Steve Haywood
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“The Game”
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Tiger… Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Tiger & The Wife During Happier Times


People cheat on their spouses, it is morally wrong in some cases illegal in others and in our society mostly frowned upon. But more and more stats are proving that it is increasing or maybe we are just acknowledging it out in the open more than in the past. With all the stereotypes and double standards that have been tolerated over generations in our society we are now from a PC standpoint dealing with adultery with more tolerance than prejudice, racism and even some forms of political incorrectness.

Rachel Uchitel Hooked Tiger Up Globally

I am not here to pass judgment on Tiger, his wife or the scenario that happened at his home that has led to the revelations-speculation of what he has done or not done in his marriage or personal life…not my gig nor should it be yours in my opinion. But because we live in the high tech-cyber blog world of what should or should not offend you, what is good and bad or what is the truth or not the truth a car accident in the middle of the driveway on Black Friday at one of the most prominent, recognizable figures on the planet has led to this. From what really happened that morning, to how they are handling it from a legal and public relations standpoint is being put under the microscope and everybody is monday morning quarterbacking. I’m guilty as charged because I have done that too, but like a gapers block on the freeway, I’m glad I wasn’t in that wreck and keep it moving, I hope at some point you do the same. Because lets be brutally honest, if Tiger Woods follows the 2010 get back in good graces playbook he will admit guilt, then ask for forgiveness 1st from the wife, then those he loves the most, last but not least the people that get him paid, consumers and sponsors. When he picks up another trophy on a golf course we will remember why Tiger Woods is relevant to a lot of people in our society, because of what he can do on that golf course. Just think about it, would you rather be driving by in the gapers block or in the middle of the wreck?

Steve Haywood
On-air Host
“The Game”

Kansas Football & Basketball Teams Brawl


Jason Whitlock wrote a very interesting column about the the infighting at Kansas between the football and basketball teams. As one that has the privilege of covering teams in The State of Wisconsin in particular the Milwaukee area I see the points Whitlock tried to explain by giving background on the “why” more than the “what” here. I also have a similar background as Whitlock in the sense that I didn’t live this hip-hop gangstar lifestyle growing up, but have always been exposed to it. The question of how to fix this was brought up, the answer is complex, but the foundation of it is simple, it is the word “NO!”

In our society privilege and access to certain opportunities come with one abilities to perform certain tasks and having special talents. Lost in the context of this is the ability for those who have these special talents from entertainers, politicians, sports talk show hosts (myself) to athletes to respect and have those around them suggest to these gifted citizens not to say or do certain things. Once they realize the power they have to respect boundaries, they don’t… because they don’t have to. Why? If it were that easy I would package, market and distrubute it myself.

Steve Haywood
On-air Host
“The Game”

Brewers Bring Allstars To St. Louis

Here we are in mid July and Baseball celebrates itself as a sport and a part of our american culture. The All Star Game still resonates as a point baseball fans step back assess their team they follow, and curse the teams that are their rivals. For this town that is our Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. a couple of games over .500 and a factor in the National League Central Division. Considering the circumstances of Injury (Weeks), lack of consistency (Hardy, Hart) or just flat out under performance (Parra, Hall). There are the good things like the All-Star performances of Prince “P-Phunk” Fielder and “The R” aka Ryan Braun, Trevor Hoffman is pitching like he is a youngen all over again and others have stepped up to try to fill holes that were not anticipated to happen.

That being said it has not been uneventful has it? A lot of second guessing, over thinking and knowing better than those involved, it has been a summer of I feel as casual fan and observer tension. After the trade for CC Sabathia and momentum built through the second half of last season with that out of world performance he had and just the consistency they had last season. We haven’t had that moment of definition…we will have that moment come up really early in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy what happens as it happens or suffer with it.

Steve Haywood, Host of “The Game”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

Twitter, The New Sports Media


I know this is insane for someone like myself to say, but I speak on this from more of a fan point or athlete point of view and not as a media person. Social electronic networks like Twitter, My-Space or Facebook might in some cases serve a better purpose in some instances than dealing with the media.

Understand when I say this that if you are a smart media personality, athlete or otherwise you can utilize both to get out your message, thoughts or point of view in the context that you want to have represented through both avenues.

These are new tools in the world of electronic communication & media. Like it or not we live in the need to know as soon as now era, and these tools are already changing the landscape of communications and making a connect easier between certain groups. Ill give you an example of how this is working in real time life…as I write this blog I have not 1,2,3,4 but five people at the NBA Finals Tweeting live from the Staples Center and it is from a diverse group of personalities including Kareem Abdul Jabaar on the LA Lakers Bench to Jeannie Buss (who is the President of the Franchise) tweeting from the Floor to Jalen Rose of ESPN and Model Melyessa Ford doing their thing courtside at the game. Alot of interesting perspectives from all these different people giving more of a feel of the atmosphere there.

It is a double edged sword though because it does not always show your tone or the context in which you make your point of view known, that is where media like myself still serve a purpose in that we are a conduit to the masses of people who have interest in what these poeple are talking about.
I know as someone that needs that pipeline to remain strong that this is a tool that will be a factor in how I do my job in the short and long term future.

Unlike my colleages who didnt respect the impact of the internet on the newspaper business, I think I will try to be ahead of the curve on this one.

Sideline Reporters: Eye Candy With Microphones

Ines Sainz – Mexican Sports Reporter

I guess I never really give it any thought when I’m working in a locker room, the radio TV studio or anywhere in which my path crosses with an attractive female colleague…but I do have an opinion on it though and it is not PC. My feeling is that if you are a sexy, attractive female that can use you looks, figure, attire or sexy attitude to do your job better, do what you need to do.

Ines Sainz – At The Super Bowl Media Day

I know that my friends and others that do what we do in this business feels that this is not fair, and it probably isn’t but life isn’t fair so deal with your realities as they are. I know they will be a day that comes where a pretty lady with nice breasts and a great smile can take my spot or a sharper, smoother good looking young fella, but who is to say that I did not get access to the opportunity because of my skin color. I feel like that is not the case, but I also know that people in this profession of sports broadcasting feel some of my colleagues of color do not warrant their positions, but have them because the are minorities.

Jill Arrington – Former ESPN Reporter

I stopped trying to fight that battle alone a long time ago, and the reason why is the quality of your work will dictate those feelings one way or the other. I assure anybody who has worked with me can tell you that I earn my right to be in that locker room, press-box or sports venue because I don’t worry about how they (my colleagues) feel I am doing my job, I take care of that on my own. This gets me back to the Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols, Melissa Starks and Jill Arrington’s of this world known as sports broadcasting sexy divas, last I checked they have the same access I do to players, coaches, sports locations etc.

Jillian Barberie Fox Sports Reporter

The difference is because of that mic flag they carry they may get more access than the average reporter does that is where I sense the bitching and moaning from the great masses I work with. That is not the fault of these good looking reporters, if you have have a beef with the quality of their work, guess what? Blame yourselves because they wouldn’t have the jobs they have If they didn’t grade out well at least in their “Q” ratings and most important satisfy their employers and the watching consumers.

These women are not exactly enthused that they are looked at as “tarts”, but also understand this is the price they pay to do what they do. God blessed them with pretty legs, nice breasts, killer body or beautiful smile and it is not their only attributes. Reality is though that you wont have your average 17 year old giving himself a fantasy tug watching Chris Berman? Think about you know it is sooooo true.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

The Professional: Damon Jones


There he is…MY MAN! Doin what he do…doing it the way he do it. Another game win or loss, another trot off the court for my guy who always make me chuckle because he gets it!

He just enjoys the moment for what it is, this is one of the best people in the NBA… DJ 19, Damon Jones currently of the Milwaukee Bucks. Here is a young man who has started in the NBA Finals and rode buses in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the CBA. Here is a young man that was a ball boy for the championship teams back in Houston in the mid 90s, but has played side by side with all-stars Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and in his 1st run here with Michael Redd in Milwaukee. Here is a young man that was undrafted out of the University of Houston, but has been on MTV Cribs and co-hosted Dick Clark’s New Years Eve Party in New York.


So many contradictions, but like the transformers…there is more that meets the eye? I sat down with DJ 19 and asked him a few questions about being in the league for this long, and how he has done it. Although the Bucks are the only team he has played for twice in his career, he has enjoyed being on ten other teams.

I asked him how he keeps so even keel and he told me several things help him with that. “By keeping my mind fresh and going one day at a time, it helps me focus and since I have seen it all in this league, I try to share a lot of those experiences with the young guys.” Every player, and just about every coach I spoke to about Damon said the same thing, it was said over and over about his attitude, which is basically this…he takes the game very serious, but not to the point it isn’t fun to play the game. DJ 19 did acknowledge in our conversation that their have been peaks and vallys. “A lot of highs and lows.” He also reminded me to tell any young ball-players out there. “No one can ever tell you or dictate how you want your career to go…ever!” Not bad for a career 40% FG and a 39% 3pt FG shooter, 647 games (and counting) and more importantly 6 post seasons in ten years.

For a guy that never saw a seven figure salary until he joined the Miami Heat in the 2004-05 season, he has never shown outwardly signs of that petty jealousy or politics that I seen destroy teams, locker rooms and communities.

So I send this shout out to people who are tired of all the negativity, bad actors and actions in the very insulated world of professional sports, here is a guy you can cheer for who came from the bottom and is still trying to reach the top.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

Wisconsin Is A Hoops Hotbed


Devin Harris is the New Hype of the NBA…

I was watching NBA TV the other night and was watching how Devin Harris was clowning on the west coast, while Harris was killing the Phoenix Suns it made me take a minute and think about how rich and talented this area is when it comes to basketball players and how damn competitive it is in this region of the state of Wisconsin.
It goes back to the “Downtown Freddie Brown”, John Johnson era of the mid 60s and just kept rolling…and rolling…and rolling, but you would never think of it that way because these guys just did their thing without a lot of fan fare (except Sprewell). Just think about guys who have or are playing in “The Association” and had good solid runs in the league from this part of the state. These are their roots…this is their foundation.
Some names are familiar to anybody that follows the “Glorius Association”, names Like Porter, Sprewell, T. Smith, Chones, Harris, Wolf, Novak, Diener and Van Excel. Then there are the guys like Carl Landry, Mike Wilks and Mike Taylor from the city who fly under the radar screen who carve their place in the league quietly. The point is this, the next time you here about how Memphis, Dallas, Oakland or Atlanta is this basketball hot bed tell whoever is hollaring that to bring their best up to Milwaukee-Racine-Madison area of Wisconsin or from this point foward known as the B-Ball Triangle and play some of the best AAU teams and high school teams in the country. They will find out the hard way that teams will get their @*ses run out of the gym, because there is some serious talent up here. 
That being said there is a big time tournament at South Division this weekend named after former NBA, South Division HS and Stevens Point great…The Terry Porter Classic will put the best teams in the region against each other Friday and Saturday at his old school. The stakes get raised the week after that when the Converse Eastbay College Scholarship Classic comes to town at the Al Maguire Center, sponsored by MPS and Jim Gosz long time coach at Rufus King High School.
The Converse Eastbay College Scholarship Classic is putting some of the best high school teams in the country on the floor at the Al in Milwaukee, just remember Milwaukee will represent itself very well, trust me. The next wave of NBA talent will be on the floor to watch, and enjoy.
If I were you I would go see for myself.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee