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James, Wade, Bosh… Too Much Hype?

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After two games, the new Miami Heat haven’t changed the face of the NBA. Is this threesome even the best team in Florida? We’ll see tonight in their home opener against the powerful Orlando Magic and Dwight “Superman” Howard.

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Vick Named NFL NFC Offensive Player Of The Month

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Vick earned the offensive honor for connecting on 54-of-89 throws for 750 yards and six touchdowns with no interceptions. His 110.2 passer rating is the best in the NFC. The signal-caller took over for an injured Kevin Kolb midway through the season-opening loss to Green Bay, then led the Eagles to a win over Detroit the following week while Kolb sat out with a concussion.

After being named the starter in somewhat controversial fashion, Vick passed for 291 yards and three scores and rushed for another in a 28-3 victory at Jacksonville in Week 3. It was his first career Player of the Month Award.

(video) Day two of Miami Heat Training Camp

A Bird In The Hand vs One In The (Reggie) Bush!

So let me get this straight, Reggie Bush won the 2005 Heisman Award Trophy as the best collegiate football player in the country for that year if I remember correctly…that is what I remember happening from the great runs all over the land. So because Reggie allegedly took a few dollars from someone who was not exactly on the up and up at that time that makes all of the games he played in forfeits and effectively he was an ineligible player, I understand and respect rules and realize that there has to be consequences for actions that are giving someone or somebody a competitive advantage, but riddle me this Batman…Did Bush play any harder or better with these alleged payments you tell me if he did? Look when it comes to college big time sports (D1 Football & Hoops) I really have found that I’m morally bankrupt…I just cannot pretend to be on this high and mighty horse and high ground of, “don’t take the money, don’t take the benefits, hey Reggie lets go to the USC Bookstore and see how many of your #5 jerseys sell today at 75-90 bucks a pop and you get nothing but that great education and room and board!”
I am jaded enough in living life in the real world that everybody has their hand out and these “assets” on these campuses generate a lot of revenue and give these “Mecca’s” of higher learning and opportunity at getting their message through the sports programs. I say do everything the right way the best you can but if you can get what you can get…don’t get caught and make peace with your higher being after the fact.

So USC gave back the Duplicate award and took anything that represented Bush at USC out of their achieves…that is ok, but if you want to impress me give back the money you made off of Bush in 2005, that will tell me that it is not just one big fat dump on the guy and passing the buck by the university.

Like I said a few birds in the hand are more than one in the BUSH!

Steve Haywood
On-air Host
“The Game”

Just ‘Cause She’s (still) Hot: Stacey Dash

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Don’t Call It A Comeback, Mike Vick II

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I didn’t see it happening this fast and as an Eagles fan, I wanted to see if K2 aka Kevin Kolb had the skills to play. Coach Andy Reid said forget that and changed his mind (as I have) to pick Mike Vick as his new starting quarterback.

The internet is on FIRE and talk radio is CRAZY chatting about this move. Can Mike Vick really morph into a pocket qb or did he just tease us? Is he going to be the player everyone wanted him to be or will he go back to running first?

Just win money.

Carmelo Anthony & La La Vasquez on Lopez Tonight

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