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NY Jets Thomas Jones Interview On Hot 97

I wasn’t going to comment on this since it happen a few weeks back… however, Jones is correct! He didn’t blast Farve and he spoke the truth about his performance.


Green Bay Packers Are Searching For Answers


Now what?
The Green Bay Packers are 5-6 and looking less and less like a playoff team unless they win the NFC North division. That being said, the Packers are not catching or creating the breaks that went their way last year. The easy answer is the fact that #4 is a New York Jet and they are reapping the benefits of his aura and presence by becoming one of the best teams in the AFC, and you may hay have a point with that way of thinking because it is a results oriented business and 8-3 is better than 5-6 period. 
Go Back to August and ask yourself if this was expected and the answer is problably not. If anything coming off a NFC Championship appearance you would hope that other elements of the team would have improved including the coaching, yes the coaching which has most of the season been kind of been overlooked and not as scrutinized as the play of Aaron Rodgers, the D line and other players specifically. Special teams has been at best suspect especially the coverage teams, the defensive line coach has not got anything special out of his unit, my man Edgar Bennett can also be taken to task a little for the lack of progress in the running game until very recently and for all the accolades Winston Moss get as assistant head coach-linbackers coach have we seen any real improvements in the that group? If anything Barnett before the injury didnt look sharp and A.J. Hawk and Poppinga have regressed so far this season. Has coach Mac done anything with his play calling and in game adjustments to make you believe he has grown as a play caller…you tell me?
The great thing about this is all the worts exposed this year can be forgotton if the Pack surge and when 4 of the last 5 or even better sweep out and go 10-6. That will surely guarentee another playoff for the Packers and keep those whispers at a minimum for a little while, but those whispers will be statements of loud opinon, especially if Brett Lorenzo Favre keeps the streaking Jets rolling along, stay tuned.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

He’s Back!

Forget staying home and watching the girls grow up. Forget riding that damn tracker every day. Forget throwing footballs to the local high school team wide receivers. Forget Aaron Rodgers is the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback!

I’m Brett Farve and I’m coming back to take what’s mine… tomorrow!

That Being Said II – Packers & Brewers

Hello to all of those that have their facts in order, numbers in line and points of reference ready to drop on anyone willing to listen to them.

Yes, that loud minority that is my bread and butter who I never under appreciate is the fans that are stirred into a frenzy or as I was once told ( by the “great” William Johnson) herded as sheep to what is important in the world of sports. If Ted Thompson makes the move to trade future NFL Hall of Famer Brett Lorenzo Favre it would be something; until then it is just conversation. Like I said all along, after doing this for about ten years now the levels of passion and interest in a player, team or sport depend usually on the player, team, or sports current status of success (paging Tiger Woods), that also includes what fans focus on.

If this was 2002 The Brewers would not be uttered out of any ones mouth in this town stats or otherwise, that is the level of indifference they had gotten to. Like the Packers of the eighties… start winning and the tone of conversation changes, and gets more and more dissected. Throw in the internet, sports talk radio, instant access on cable and satellite television and fantasy sports leagues and you have the perfect storm of stat-heads. They can site at the drop of a hat what Trent Green’s completion percentage is or the on-base percentage of Rickie Weeks is. That is ok, except sometimes it doesn’t explain why this team won or this team lost, the competition usually determines that, not stats.

The Brewers are winning now and they are fun to watch and give you something to talk about every day which creates natural thoughts of anxiety and concerns about what is next… fair enough. Stats are something that are used as an point of reference when it benefits ones point of view or even better to justify ones thought process or argument. As we progress the the rest of the baseball season we will see how Rickie Weeks and other “stats” will impact others points of view or will it be plays made or not and if they win… I’m betting on the 2nd one.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

Farve Can’t Stay Away

Brett Lorenzo Favre…

Where do we start? Well let’s start with the obvious, Favre still wants to play, the Packers wanted Favre back but he changed his mind again and the Packers moved on. Ted Thompson has put together a championship caliber team with one unproven position player; the quarterback, and Aaron Rodgers is now that guy. Mike McCarthy is on-board publicly with Ted Thompson as well as the new president Mark Murphy. So these are facts that we would all agree upon, now is where it gets dicey, where speculation, innuendo, perceptions and personalities of all these parties have made this the best reality T.V. I’ve seen since the Real World 2 on MTV many years ago. 

Favre has waffled more on this issue than you can buy at The International House of Pancakes. Ole’ Teddy T. is ready for the band to have a new conductor, and his lack of back side kissing to Favre over the years has made that clear to Favre, from firing Mike Sherman the day after the Packer season ended in ’06, to blowing off the request to trade for Randy Moss last April. Favre read in between the lines and being the diva he is decided he had enough.

Three time MVP, Super Bowl Champion, record holder of all significant records for quarterback position in the history of the NFL…nothing left to do, but get on the tractor in Hattiesburg and call it a career. There’s only one problem with that, its that championship game, its that pass in overtime, its the whispers that he’s uncomfortable in the cold weather games. Then there’s the other problem, he could still play, had one of his best seasons of his career, and competitors never quit, they get it taken away from them.
Ted Thompson is screwed 6 ways to Sunday, only one way out, Aaron Rodgers NFL MVP and Packer Super Bowl champions, probability about the same as my skin color changing to that of Michael Jackson’s complexion… not gonna happen. So Teddy has to balance what is best for the Packers and his coach, these players and Ted Thompson. So here is my suggestion if you listen to my radio show, “That Being Said” on 540 ESPN (shameless plug) I’ve said all along the best way to address this situation is wait for the official request for reinstatement by Favre’s representation to the team, acknowledge it, remind Brett that training camp starts July twenty-whatever, and inform Brett Lorenzo Favre he is the back-up to Aaron Rodgers.

Here’s why this works; Favre’s ego and pride may not allow him to show up, if he does he’s banking on one of two things; Rodgers getting hurt which historically has happened to him, or ineffective play. Don’t worry about pressure, that was going to exist whether Favre is there or not, internal and external for the team and Rodgers, might as well have the 800 lb white elephant on the sideline in uniform instead of haunting the facility at 1265 Lombardi Avenue day in, day out.
From the Packers standpoint, its high risk, high reward. Rodgers gets his shot and you have one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game as a back up. As a Packer observer from a media perspective I could care less about anybody’s ego, feelings etc. As a fan, all parties need to understand that it is about winning first and foremost. The most dysfunctional team in the off season last year were the New York football Giants, look at what they did. It is possible, at the same time you could have the team implode around this whole issue if it hasn’t already. Favre could become the issue in the locker room that could splinter guys off into taking sides. Team chemistry is very important in locker rooms and clubhouses, respect if not love or like for one another is essential for team success, once the respect is lost you never can get it back.
Are we at that point already? We will find out soon enough, Favre is still on the schedule to induct his boy Frankie bag of doughnuts (Frank Winters) into the Packers Hall of Fame on July 19th. That will be a very revealing moment in this drama that gets more entertaining and complicated by the day. Stay tuned (like I had to tell you to do that).
I have to close with a special shout out to two of my colleagues who have pretty much nailed this whole thing down from that NFC Championship Game till now. Jason Wilde of The Wisconsin State Journal and Mark Chmura (Big Chewy) on 540espn have been on point with this Favre topic since it became a topic. I salute your candor, humor and insight of this whole topic, thanks for setting the tone its on us to keep up now.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

NFL Championship Weekend

Four teams are just 60 minutes away from winning their Conference Championship and playing in Super Bowl XLII on February 3rd. The Giants visit the Packers at hallowed Lambeau Field and the Patriots host the Chargers at Gillette Stadium.

Breakdown & Predictions:

Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants – Packer Nation will be celebrating their heroes return to the Big Game because of two major factors. The first is the weather which will be brutal and typical of Green Bay during the playoffs. That will limit the # of big plays via the pass and make this a ground war. The Packers have discovered a power and speed attack from undrafted tailback Ryan Grant. The irony is that he was in the Giants summer camp this year before being traded to the Pack for a draft pick. He will now be a major factor in preventing the Giants from advancing to the Super Bowl. The second reason is Eli Manning’s inexperience. The game and moment will be too enormous for Peyton’s younger brother and he will turn the ball over multiple times. The Packers will seize those opportunities and put points on the board.

Score: Packers 34 – Giants 13

New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers – Mr. Brady will complete another chapter of his historic season by sending the Chargers back to California with another playoff disappointment. San Diego is limping into this game as their two most important offensive weapons – LT & Rivers – are game time decisions to play. They cannot compete without these two at 100% and this game will show that early as the Patriots get out to a fast start in the first quarter. Look for Randy Moss to take the challenge of being by guarded by Antonio Cromartie personal. He will catch at least a couple of touchdowns and let the Chargers know he cannot be stopped. The enigmatic Bill Belichick will have his team so well prepared that this may be their best played game of the year.

Score: Patriots 45 – Chargers 20

NFL Playoff Predictions


Wild Card Round – The Redskins are a good story but are one and done… Seattle beats them going away in the 4th quarter to survive another week. The Giants surprise the Buccaneers and win a low-scoring game by a late field goal. Eli Manning plays very well and leads his team by not giving away the ball as he has all year.  

Divsional Round – The Giants will come in banged up after their tough win over the Bucs… they will get hammered by the well rested Cowboys and Tony Romo will set team passing records. The Packers will host the Seahawks in bitterly cold conditions at famed Lambeau Field. The playoff rematch will not go into overtime this time… Packers win big as Farve throws for at least 4 touchdowns.

Championship Round – The heavyweights of the conference will be ready to take each other on to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLII. The Cowboys will rediscover their running game as Marion Barber will be the best offensive player on the field. The Packers will fall behind early and Farve will press and turn the ball over which will cost them dearly. The Cowboys win a high-scoring game 43 – 31.


Wild Card Round – The Titans and Vince Young are just not ready physically and mentally for this matchup with the Chargers. LT and crew will allow HC Norv Turner to breath easy and start their gameplan for the next opponent by the end of the 3rd quarter. The Steelers are very banged up and the Jaguars are physical and very confident that they will beat the Steelers. This will be the best game of the first round because the Steelers are a proud bunch and will rise up to meet the force of the Jags. However, the Jags have too much and will wear down HC Mike Tomlin’s team. Jags win.

Divisonal Round – Great matchups here… the Chargers will go to Indy where they’ve had success in the past. However, they will get their doors blown off as Manning will have his offense in high gear and will get an emotional lift as Marvin Harrison returns… Colts win. The best game of the weekend will be the Jags going to Foxboro… league MVP Tom Brady will be at his best and will find Randy Moss a couple times for long scores. The Jags running game will be successful, but not enough this day. Pats win.

Championship Round – The Patriots will be the favorites over the Colts and we concur. This game will not be as close as you’d like to believe. The Colts just don’t have the (healthy) horses to keep up with this Patriots team. Pats win 34 – 18.

Super Bowl XLII – Patriots vs. Cowboys – Brady vs. Romo – Moss vs. T.O.  – this will go down as one of the most entertaining Super Bowls in NFL history. We will get big plays and lots of points. The Patriots have more experience and superior coaching… Pats win 44 – 37.