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Pete Rose Headed To Hall of Fame


ESPN is reporting that Pete Rose aka Charlie Hustle is being considered seriously for Hall of Fame consideration. First, the Commissioner of Baseball Bud Selig must lift the lifetime ban on Pete. Many of the game’s legends such as Hank Aaron is bending Selig’s ear about Rose.

Here’s ESPN the report.


Hank Aaron To MLB… Bonds Is The Home Run King


Major League Baseball legend Hank Aaron recently shared his thoughts about Barry Bonds and the home run record with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“In all fairness to everybody, I just don’t see how you really can do a thing like that and just say somebody isn’t the record holder anymore, and let’s go back to the way that it was,” Aaron told the Journal-Constitution Friday, referring to the controversy involving Bonds, Mark McGwire, Alex Rodriguez and other players who have been linked to performance enhancing drugs.

“If you did that, you’d have to go back and change all kinds of records, and the [home run] record was very important to me. It’s probably the most hallowed record out there, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s now in the hands of somebody else. It belongs to Barry.”

Aaron said trying to decide which players should be held accountable is tough.

“Really, it’s sort of a tricky call when you start going down that road of who is legitimate,” Aaron told the Journal-Constitution. “I don’t know if Barry would have hit as many home runs or hit them as far — if that’s the case that he did use steroids — but I still don’t think it has anything to do with him having the kind of baseball career that he had.

“He could have had an excellent career, regardless of what he did. So it would be something that I don’t think the commissioner would like to get involved in, really. There are things out there besides worrying about a home run record that somebody now holds. Barry has the record, and I don’t think anybody can change that.”

Jose Drops Names On ABC Nightline


 ABC News Photo Illustration

Last night, Jose Canseco did it again by dropping names of baseball players who he believes used performing enhancing drugs. The biggest name that he mentioned is also the games best player Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez has refused to deny the allegation and has only offered a no comment response. 

Cancesco’s book, Vindicated, will be available at you favorite book store tomorrow. Click here for an excerpt.

Clemens Asked To Pitched Before Congress


Photo By: Chris O’Meara

Before the Mitchell Report was released, Roger “Rocket” Clemens was a lock to be a first ballot Hall of Famer for his work done on the baseball diamond. After the report’s release, Clemens is finding that he has lost more than his fastball during the past several weeks. His reputation has taken a major hit after being implicated by Brian McNamee as someone that used steroids.

McNamee – a former strength coach with the Yankees and Blue Jays – worked with the Rocket during the period that he pitched for both clubs. McNamee said he injected him with steriods in 1998, and with both steroids and HGH in 2000-01. In his defense, Clemens said the injections were an anesthetic, lidocaine, as well as vitamin B12.

The United States Congress has asked Clemens to testify before them. The invitation came via House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.). 

There is no truth to the rumor that bullpen ace Marion Rivera will be making a relief appearance to bail the Rocket out of this situation.

Barry Bonds & The Hypocrisy

I’m fed up with this crazed pursuit of Barry Bonds! All reasonable thinking people probably believe he took steroids, HGH or something during the early 2000’s. It doesn’t matter if he has or hasn’t tested positive for anything. I don’t want to revisit the subject(s) of the grand jury testimony, BALCO or his homeboy Greg Anderson.

A lot of players were using performance enhancing drugs not just BB. The owners, media and the players union were complicit in the conspiracy to allow this steroid phase to thrive and they should be equally held in contempt.

My beef is with the “holier than thou” attitude that fans, broadcasters and writers take regarding BB. If he wasn’t pursuing baseball’s most treasured record – MLB HR Total – his name wouldn’t make the paper. Please kill that noise because the history of this game is filled with people cheating and breaking the rules.

Tell me why there is no outrage from baseball writers and historians over the cheating pitchers are doing when they doctor baseballs? They cannot talk about America’s Pastime without a casual mention of past pitching legends that scuffed, spit on or greased up the baseballs. Of course these same hypocrits voted these guys into the Hall of Fame (i.e. Phil Niekro).

Guys have corked bats, taken “greenies,” stolen signs, hit batters and gambled on baseball games. Yet the most vilified person in the history of MLB is BB. The reason why he is the focus of so much criticism is because the writers and commentators hate him.

Let me give it to you this way… they hate him because he hasn’t allowed them to be his pal. In other words, they want to be him. Most media people are wanna-be, frustrated athletes. Either they played a sport and couldn’t make it or never played. Therefore, they decided to that a career in sports journalism (i.e. tv, radio, print) was the next best thing.

The big secret is that sports commentators treat athletes very nicely for the access they are given. They get the “insider” label… they are at all the celebrity parties… they hang out with the jocks. Not one of them will risk their access being cut off and their perceived celebrity.

That’s why these hypocrits are hellbent on destroying BB. They are out for revenge on arguably the greatest baseball player who has ever lived because he didn’t let them in.