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No Huddle 4.29.08

So what did we learn so far this week… that Roger Clemens really likes country music and the women that sing it. Can you believe this cat (allegedly) had a 10-year affair with Mindy McCready that began when she was 15? The wheels have come off the Rocket Man’s ship in 2008.   


Byron Scott, New Orleans Hornets Head Coach, won the 2007 – 08 NBA Coach of The Year Award. It’s been a great year for the B-Ball team in the Big Easy… and CP3 just sent Kidd’s Mavericks home from the playoffs tonight. 

Miami Dolphins select Michigan tackle Jake Long #1 in the 2008 NFL Draft. Many believe that this was a good choice for the ‘Phins because he can be moved from left takle to guard if he cannot handle the speed rushers in the league. Our position is that Miami and the St. Louis Rams will be greatly disappointed with their choices. The took good players not great… yet, they have to pay them like great players. The best player in the draft was selected by the Oakland Raiders.


No Huddle 4.13.08

Gumbel No Longer Doing Play-By-Play At NFL Network – You and I have been waiting for 2 years for this to come to an end. This was a terrible decision to let the soft spoken, enigmatic Gumbel be your A-Team PBP announcer. He’s much better on HBO. 


KOBE Should Win The MVP – He should win this is a tight race with Chris Paul. I think Kobe’s YouTube commercial (jumping over the car) will give him the extra votes and juice he needs to win.

Paterno And PSU Don’t Extend Contract – As the whisper campaign to remove the legend gets louder, the PSU Administration cannot come to terms as to how to move on. Believe this, Rutgers University knows that when JoePa steps down, Greg Schiano (HC) will head to Happy Valley. Take that to the bank! Tom Bradley (PSU DC) will get strong consideration and support, but will lose out to the younger coach from New Jersey.

Uban Meyer Offers Scholarship To Fastest Student – Some may call it a cheap publicity stunt or self-serving move… I think it is brilliant and one of the reasons why programs like Florida Gators offer will continue to be Top Ten each year. I salute Meyer’s crafty thinking and how it energizes the student body while keeping the Gators in the national spotlight during the offseason.

Stacey Dash Is 42 And Doesn’t Need Jenny Graig Or NutriSystem – Nuff Said… ’til Next Week