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The King Gets Jamison According To Early Reports

[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=Antawn+Jamison&iid=7506413″ src=”4/6/d/e/Wizards_Jamison_gestures_7446.JPG?adImageId=10426556&imageId=7506413″ width=”380″ height=”281″ /]

Michael Lee of the Washington Post is reporting Jamison is heading to Cleveland…


Bucks Won’t Pay Charlie V. To Stay

Charlie V. Looking To Get Paid Somewhere

Charlie V. Looking To Get Paid Somewhere

No surprise here, the Milwaukee Bucks take a pass on arguably their best offensive player Charlie Villanueva. GM John Hammond has decided to make offers to free agents Ramon Sessions and Ersan Ilyasova instead. The Bucks have tied the future to Andrew Bogut who in my opinion is a little better than a backup center in the NBA.

Early rumors are that Charlie V. may end up in Cleveland following former teammate Mo Williams.

LeBron Needs Some Magic Of His Own

The King Will Lift His Team From Defeat To Victory

The King Will Lift His Team From Defeat To Victory

Game 4 is do or die for LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Not only are they losing the series 2 games to 1, but the Cavaliers have been exposed as a 1-man show. The King is averaging more than 40 ppg and there is no good reason to believe he won’t continue to score at that pace. His teammates have performed so poorly (see Mo Williams, Big Z, etc.) offensively that one wonders if Head Coach Mike Brown has filed a missing persons report. 

The Orlando Magic deserve a lot of credit for Cleveland’s issues thus far. The Cavs have no answer for Hideo or Rashad (both 6’11”) after 3 games and that will not change. Add Dwight Howard to the list of matchup problems and you’ll quickly understand that Cleveland cannot contain that trio. 

That being said, I believe tonight will be a stage for the best player on the planet… The King will make a great pre-game speech, score 40+ points, and dominate the flow of this game. He will be the reason why Cleveland will redirect the momentum of this series and eventually defeat the Orlando Magic in game 7.

LeBron, Kobe Nike (Puppet) Commercial

Yo!!!!!!! Nike is running a funny campaign featuring LeBron and Kobe as roommates. Check this joint out.

It’s Good To Be The King, MVP

Pic: Tracy Boulian/The Plain Dealer

Pic: Tracy Boulian/The Plain Dealer

Numberous media outlets are reporting that LeBron James is the 2008-09 NBA MVP. They report that the announcement will take place this afternoon. Much respect to the phenom from Akron, OH! The King is scheduled to accept his latest award at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School also in Akron. 

Read more from Brian Windhorst at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

LeBron, Cavaliers Take 1-0 Series Lead

The King dropped 38 pts., grabbed 8 rebounds, and handed out 7 dimes against the Pistons in game 1. This one will be over in 5 games (Detroit wins a game on sheer guts).

LeBron, Cavaliers Own #1 NBA Seed

Now You Can Call Him King James

Now You Can Call Him King James

LeBron and his sidekicks defeated the Indiana Pacers 117 – 109 yesterday and secured the top record in the NBA. This will give Cleveland home court advantage on their way to their first title run. Oops, I didn’t mean to say that. However, LeBron is leading this team like all great players do when they are ready to make that leap into the winner’s circle.

Killa Kobe Bryant is the only hero from the West competing in this year’s NBA Playoffs that can defeat the King from the Eastern Conference. Good money will have to laid at the feet of Bryant as he is a true murderer on the court.

Let the battle begin… last year’s NBA MVP vs. (by all accounts) this year’s NBA MVP!!!!

The Professional: Damon Jones


There he is…MY MAN! Doin what he do…doing it the way he do it. Another game win or loss, another trot off the court for my guy who always make me chuckle because he gets it!

He just enjoys the moment for what it is, this is one of the best people in the NBA… DJ 19, Damon Jones currently of the Milwaukee Bucks. Here is a young man who has started in the NBA Finals and rode buses in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the CBA. Here is a young man that was a ball boy for the championship teams back in Houston in the mid 90s, but has played side by side with all-stars Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and in his 1st run here with Michael Redd in Milwaukee. Here is a young man that was undrafted out of the University of Houston, but has been on MTV Cribs and co-hosted Dick Clark’s New Years Eve Party in New York.


So many contradictions, but like the transformers…there is more that meets the eye? I sat down with DJ 19 and asked him a few questions about being in the league for this long, and how he has done it. Although the Bucks are the only team he has played for twice in his career, he has enjoyed being on ten other teams.

I asked him how he keeps so even keel and he told me several things help him with that. “By keeping my mind fresh and going one day at a time, it helps me focus and since I have seen it all in this league, I try to share a lot of those experiences with the young guys.” Every player, and just about every coach I spoke to about Damon said the same thing, it was said over and over about his attitude, which is basically this…he takes the game very serious, but not to the point it isn’t fun to play the game. DJ 19 did acknowledge in our conversation that their have been peaks and vallys. “A lot of highs and lows.” He also reminded me to tell any young ball-players out there. “No one can ever tell you or dictate how you want your career to go…ever!” Not bad for a career 40% FG and a 39% 3pt FG shooter, 647 games (and counting) and more importantly 6 post seasons in ten years.

For a guy that never saw a seven figure salary until he joined the Miami Heat in the 2004-05 season, he has never shown outwardly signs of that petty jealousy or politics that I seen destroy teams, locker rooms and communities.

So I send this shout out to people who are tired of all the negativity, bad actors and actions in the very insulated world of professional sports, here is a guy you can cheer for who came from the bottom and is still trying to reach the top.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

The King’s Motive Was Clear!

AP Photo

When Kobe erupted for 61, I wonder what was really going through LeBron’s mind?

Was it hate? Joy? Despise?

The one thing that we found out just two days later is that he couldn’t be outdone! He had to give us 52 buckets, 11 dimes and 12 boards in a 107-102, Cleveland Cavaliers victory over the New York Knicks last night in Madison Square Garden.

Prior to the game, James told the everyone everything they wanted to hear.

“Kobe Bryant’s performance was unbelievable. I watched every last second of it and he won the game,” James said Tuesday night. “But it’s not about individuals in this league — it’s about the basketball game. I’m not trying to out-do Kobe or anybody on their team. I’m just trying to win the game.

“I just go out and play my game,” he added. “I’m not a video game where you can expect me to go out there and score 60 or 70. I play the game and I’m not about individual accolades.”

These were great words but his actions clearly overuled them. His actions gave us a great performance (…very great one) but it still doesn’t mean as much as the Mamba’s performance when the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Knicks, 126-117, on Monday. 

The King’s efforts were forced and corny. Kobe’s was more smooth and virtuoso as he picked his spots and struck at just the right moments.

Kobe’s skill level is on another level and LeBron just has to look in the mirror and realize this. I respect his efforts and competitive spirit when it comes to outdueling Kobe but he’s just not there yet.

I have to admit it though, this is great for the game of basketball. These games have added more anticipation for their final head-to-head matchup of this season which will take place this Sunday at 3:30 p.m.

LeBron better have his ankle insurance.

Kobe Bryant: The Opposite of Soft!

He’s clearly bigger. He’s clearly stronger. He has more publicity. His image is better. His overall statistics are better.

Why should there even be a question about if LeBron James is better than Kobe Bryant?

He lacks that killer instinct! Until the King gets that, he will forever be carrying Kobe’s jockstrap.

Last night at the Staples Center Kobe Bryant went so opposite of soft and showed the world why he is the best player on the planet by outdueling LeBron. The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 105-88, with Mamba dropping 20 buckets, 12 dimes, and grabbing six boards.  Even with a dislocated finger, Kobe had the burning desire to check the King for almost the entire game and take on the challenge personally.

Put it like this…LeBron was rather normal with Kobe on him. He only connected on 9 of his 25 shots for 23 points with four assists and nine rebounds. Why isn’t Kobe considered for the Defensive Player of the Year award?

As indicated in his Christmas interview with Magic Johnson, Kobe had to show the media that he was still the best in the game and he doesn’t look like he will be passing the torch anytime soon. Kobe had to show the world that he seeks basketball perfection. Kobe had to show the world that he wants to go down as the “greatest basketball player of all time.”

It was apparent from the jump that Kobe had an agenda. After losing two straight games, he had to up his level of intensity.

Despite his pre-game quotes where he said that he thinks LeBron is the MVP at this point, by the end of the night he may have been forced to eat his own words. Although one game may not be enough for the general public to decifer who’s the better player, all Kobe did in their first battle of the season was to solidify my argument that he is the best in the game…hands down!!