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Flintstone TV: Detroit Pistons Good Luck Charm


LeBron, Cavaliers Take 1-0 Series Lead

The King dropped 38 pts., grabbed 8 rebounds, and handed out 7 dimes against the Pistons in game 1. This one will be over in 5 games (Detroit wins a game on sheer guts).

Ripping the Competition!

Thou Shalt Not Rock Braids!

Consider it a sin to wear cornrows if you are in the NBA! If Allen Iverson has decided to cut his, then David Stern should incorporate a new rule for the rest of the league to follow in Iverson’s direction (…just kidding).

Although he wasn’t the originator of rocking the braids, he sure as hell was the most popular person of all-time. The two just went together so swell. It was like seeing Michael Jordan sporting a bald head, Steve Harvey with the high-top, or Don King with his nappy crown…they just fit! Any other look would seem pinchbeck.  

I will admit, I was very shocked when I seen him with the crispy cut at the All-Star Game this past weekend. It was like seeing him in his rookie season or during his Georgetown University days when he had the nastiest crossover on the planet to go along with his stupid hops. The day that Allen Iverson decided to cut his braids was also the day that he decided to cut away a piece of his life. 

For the past decade, his braids have made him a force to be reckoned with. They helped him to reach MVP status in the 2001 season, win multiple scoring titles, lead a team to the NBA Finals, as well as establish him as one of the toughest players in the league! 

These braids were not just any ordinary braids! They had such rich tradition and history. As he seeks to write another chapter in his life, he may not want to admit it, but he will be missing an integral piece of himself.

 So much has changed for “The Answer” this year and I have witnessed it first hand (…due to the fact that I am a resident in the state of Michigan who is blessed with the opportunity to cover some of the Detroit Pistons games). 

With a new team, a new number, a new attitude, and a new look, only time will tell if we will be blessed to see the Iverson of old lead the Pistons to another historical run during the second half of the season. With his career gradually coming to an end,  I expect Allen Iverson to put forth an interminable effort as he continues to play every game as if it’s his last. 

What The Bucks Happening In Milwaukee?


As a fan of the NBA, I must demand that Commissioner David Stern launch an immediate investigation into the operation of the Milwaukee Bucks. I believe there is a serious effort by Bucks Management to defraud the paying public. I come to this conclusion after I attended their recent home loss to the Detroit Pistons 87 – 76. What those of us in attendance saw was one of the poorest efforts ever given by a home team following a 3-day break.

The evidence can be found by just reviewing the 4th quarter of this game. The Pistons increased their halftime lead from 2 points to 18 points (27 – 11 run) by the end of the 3rd quarter. Head Coach Scott Skiles then must have blacked out and forgot to play his best players in the 4th quarter. Michael Redd (29 min., 4 pts.), Andrew Bogut (26 min., 17 pts.) and Richard Jefferson (29 min., 10 pts.) had the best seats in the Bradley Center for the final 12 minutes. Skiles clearly was sending a message to the fans that he was in control of this circus. At one point (mid-4th qtr.), Skiles was playing 3 bench players that had scored a combined 0 points during the contest… it was unexplainable.

The Bucks faithful had enough of the team and began to rain boos in the BC before the game concluded. I told my buddy at the game that watching this game was like going to the movies to see a Will Smith Blockbuster only to have his stunt double performing in all the scenes.

Milwaukee sports fans deserve better than this and until Sen. Kohl sells the team they won’t get it.

Shaq Sends Message That He’s Still Nasty

My man Shaq is a quote machine and a tough dude… I know many of you think this is a cheap shot on a smaller player. However, this is old school hoops that the Big Diesel is teaching Rodney Stuckey. Stay out of the paint little man or walk 15 ft. and earn your two points.

Stuckey should be mad at his teammates for just standing there and letting Shaq get away with that. ‘Sheed didn’t challenge him nor did anyone else… Don’t mess with Shaq!