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Sideline Reporters: Eye Candy With Microphones

Ines Sainz – Mexican Sports Reporter

I guess I never really give it any thought when I’m working in a locker room, the radio TV studio or anywhere in which my path crosses with an attractive female colleague…but I do have an opinion on it though and it is not PC. My feeling is that if you are a sexy, attractive female that can use you looks, figure, attire or sexy attitude to do your job better, do what you need to do.

Ines Sainz – At The Super Bowl Media Day

I know that my friends and others that do what we do in this business feels that this is not fair, and it probably isn’t but life isn’t fair so deal with your realities as they are. I know they will be a day that comes where a pretty lady with nice breasts and a great smile can take my spot or a sharper, smoother good looking young fella, but who is to say that I did not get access to the opportunity because of my skin color. I feel like that is not the case, but I also know that people in this profession of sports broadcasting feel some of my colleagues of color do not warrant their positions, but have them because the are minorities.

Jill Arrington – Former ESPN Reporter

I stopped trying to fight that battle alone a long time ago, and the reason why is the quality of your work will dictate those feelings one way or the other. I assure anybody who has worked with me can tell you that I earn my right to be in that locker room, press-box or sports venue because I don’t worry about how they (my colleagues) feel I am doing my job, I take care of that on my own. This gets me back to the Erin Andrews, Rachel Nichols, Melissa Starks and Jill Arrington’s of this world known as sports broadcasting sexy divas, last I checked they have the same access I do to players, coaches, sports locations etc.

Jillian Barberie Fox Sports Reporter

The difference is because of that mic flag they carry they may get more access than the average reporter does that is where I sense the bitching and moaning from the great masses I work with. That is not the fault of these good looking reporters, if you have have a beef with the quality of their work, guess what? Blame yourselves because they wouldn’t have the jobs they have If they didn’t grade out well at least in their “Q” ratings and most important satisfy their employers and the watching consumers.

These women are not exactly enthused that they are looked at as “tarts”, but also understand this is the price they pay to do what they do. God blessed them with pretty legs, nice breasts, killer body or beautiful smile and it is not their only attributes. Reality is though that you wont have your average 17 year old giving himself a fantasy tug watching Chris Berman? Think about you know it is sooooo true.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


The Professional: Damon Jones


There he is…MY MAN! Doin what he do…doing it the way he do it. Another game win or loss, another trot off the court for my guy who always make me chuckle because he gets it!

He just enjoys the moment for what it is, this is one of the best people in the NBA… DJ 19, Damon Jones currently of the Milwaukee Bucks. Here is a young man who has started in the NBA Finals and rode buses in the Black Hills of South Dakota in the CBA. Here is a young man that was a ball boy for the championship teams back in Houston in the mid 90s, but has played side by side with all-stars Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and in his 1st run here with Michael Redd in Milwaukee. Here is a young man that was undrafted out of the University of Houston, but has been on MTV Cribs and co-hosted Dick Clark’s New Years Eve Party in New York.


So many contradictions, but like the transformers…there is more that meets the eye? I sat down with DJ 19 and asked him a few questions about being in the league for this long, and how he has done it. Although the Bucks are the only team he has played for twice in his career, he has enjoyed being on ten other teams.

I asked him how he keeps so even keel and he told me several things help him with that. “By keeping my mind fresh and going one day at a time, it helps me focus and since I have seen it all in this league, I try to share a lot of those experiences with the young guys.” Every player, and just about every coach I spoke to about Damon said the same thing, it was said over and over about his attitude, which is basically this…he takes the game very serious, but not to the point it isn’t fun to play the game. DJ 19 did acknowledge in our conversation that their have been peaks and vallys. “A lot of highs and lows.” He also reminded me to tell any young ball-players out there. “No one can ever tell you or dictate how you want your career to go…ever!” Not bad for a career 40% FG and a 39% 3pt FG shooter, 647 games (and counting) and more importantly 6 post seasons in ten years.

For a guy that never saw a seven figure salary until he joined the Miami Heat in the 2004-05 season, he has never shown outwardly signs of that petty jealousy or politics that I seen destroy teams, locker rooms and communities.

So I send this shout out to people who are tired of all the negativity, bad actors and actions in the very insulated world of professional sports, here is a guy you can cheer for who came from the bottom and is still trying to reach the top.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

I’m Back & Ain’t Scared Of You Critics

I apologize for the delay, I was a little ill and I allowed someone to convince me my blogs don’t make sense to the people that read and edit them. After having my little hissy fit, I realized where that comment came from and thought like you are the end all be all of blogging. I never really care what people think about me or my points of view, I’ve gotta be who I am. In a lot of ways it was a cop-out, just felt that people didn’t want my thoughts in written form, can barely stand my points of view on the radio. Well guess what…It is what it is, deal with it!

Guess what? I could care less what people think about my blogs, never did. I am going to write them like I feel them, these blogs are coming out in a rapid fire format and in quantity with the quality that they have proven to be all along.

Last but not least, for those that don’t understand the thought process of Steve Haywood in blog form, you can always hit the comment portion after the blogs in their different websites and get clarification or just find someone else that uses better punctuation, vernacular and context and enjoy their musings. Other than that I could take the high road, which I should do, but the high road in this case is to tell the critics of my blogs to kiss my a*#!

Have a nice day.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

OJ Mayo Gets His… So What’s The Big Deal?

I can tell a lie…but I’m not going to tell one here to be politically correct.
College athletics at the highest level is the most immoral, hypocritical, self-serving run business in this country. That being said, I make sure I make my point clear so there is no confusion. If you are a high end student-athlete that can take advantage of any scenario on your college campus and benefit from it, I don’t look down on you for doing so (except gambling or throwing games). This noble idea of fair amateur competition does exist on some campuses, but look at your major universities in major conferences with major monies coming in from boosters, shoe contracts and of course radio-television contracts, and ask yourself this question?

Everybody benefits from the labors including the student-athlete by getting access to the educational opportunities available at the school, if they take advantage of the access, or are allowed to. Those that really benefit these days are the NCAA, six and in some cases seven figures salaries the athletic departments pay major university football and basketball coaches, the university that makes major monies on the shoe contracts, television revenues received for broadcast rights, monies made on NCAA bowl bids and NCAA basketball tournament births as well as fans and boosters who get to brag on their schools success because of these great athletes playing there. I wish T. Boone Pickens was a UW-Whitewater alum.
The reason I blog about this is the recent tales of former USC & Heisman Award winning running back Reggie Bush and the allegations made against USC Guard O.J. Mayo. The stories are so similar and sound like all these rumors or whispers you hear about the best athletes at the major colleges. They have “associates” that promise them from the time they are showing any athletic promise to the place that gives the most under the table, or once they become the big person on campus have “intermediaries” broker deals for their future in the world of professional sports to the ones willing to kick back what they want. 

The reason I say this is I find it hard not to take a little piece of the pie when you go to the bookstore and see a jersey with your name on it selling for $75 dollars a pop, and you have .75 cents in your pocket. Or how about turning on ESPN and seeing your name featured for the big game coming up, or watch boosters with money and access to things in life one will never have, bending over backwards to meet you, shake your hand and tell you how much they love they way you rep ole state U. How about coming to practice where your coach just came in from doing his TV or radio show that helps to pay his six or seven figure salary in his Lexus truck.

Now don’t forget if someone comes along and gives them the bigger better deal they can roll out with the only penalty being a contract buyout that is usually picked up by the new school. If your favorite quarterback or point guard try to leave that university for a better opportunity, or don’t perform to that coaches expectations, there are so many obstacles and deterrents that you almost have to be willing to sacrifice a little piece of sanity to transfer.
I know it is not the norm, but it is what it is…because if that university asset gets hurt, can’t play or runs out of eligibility, they get thrown to the curb for the next recruiting class of fresh assets. I know there are you out there that say, “”but they get this high end education” and to you I say, if that is the case give them a percentage of what they generate for the university, a cut on the marketing and promotion of which you use their likeness and jersey numbers and allow that to pay their room and board and in some cases, give them the balance left over.
I’m sorry I could tell a lie but I won’t, if you want to clean up the seedy side of college athletics, give these young people some of the big pot, stop hiding behind traditions that are out-dated and unjustifiable. 

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee