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Packers Make Playoffs, Rodgers Team Now

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Sorry all you Farve lovers… Aaron Rodgers is the real deal and he just won a game to get the Packers into the playoffs. Time to let Brett go and embrace the now and the team’s future. Rodgers should get some NFL MVP votes for his play and he should make the Pro Bowl this year.


1st Annual Charlie Bell & Greg Jennings Foundation Thanksgiving Meals For Milwaukee Benefit

Packers Rumor: Anthony Smith Will Get Cut

Former Steelers Safety, Current Packers Safety Anthony Smith

Former Steelers Safety, Current Packers Safety Anthony Smith

USTE has been hearing for almost two weeks that Anthony Smith was not a fave. Last night, we talked with our Packers source and were told not to be surprised when you see Smith’s name on the waiver wire. That’s hard to understand when you see him perform as he did last week against the Arizona Cardinals. Smith is physical, smart, and aggressive because he’s played in this 3-4 system for years. His competitiors at the safety position lack his experience and consistent playmaking ability.

Packers fans may not care much about this rumor, but if you are a student of their new defense you will. Smith won a Super Bowl playing in the 3-4 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was signed by Ted Thompson (Packers GM) in the offseason to provide depth and competition to the Packers young secondary.

Fran Tarkenton Calls Out Brett Farve

The greatest Vikings quarterback of all-time is hating on Brett Farve. Fran Tarkenton is on record more than once about his dislike of how Farve is handling his business. I think Tark doesn’t want Farve to bring a Super Bowl to the franchise because it’ll move his legacy out of the way.

Green Bay Packers Discuss Signing Mike Vick

Are Packers Fans Willing To Accept Vick In The Family

Are Packers Fans Willing To Accept Vick In The Family

Signing Mike Vick was a top secret discussion amoung the coaching staff today in Packersville. Our insiders told us they had to swear on their first born’s life not to discuss the team’s interest in signing Vick. I was told that discussions are very serious and that the team is very interested in having him come in to back up Aaron Rodgers. They have no confidence in their quarterbacks if something happens to Rodgers. Stay tuned!

Kevin Greene To Coach OLBs For Packers


Last week, we were the first place to tell sports fans that the Green Bay Packers were interested in former All-Pro DE/LB Kevin Greene (1/22/09 – NFL Buzz: Packers Interested Interested In Former Steelers LB Kevin Greene ). The Packers made it official today as Greene was named the OLB coach for the team.

Packers Likely To Add Ex-Steelers DB Coach Perry


We’ve learned that Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy will be meeting with the Oakland Raiders DB Coach Darren Perry Monday and Tuesday of this week. There is no secret that McCarthy wants to change the defense to the 3-4 scheme which the #1 ranked Pittsburgh Steelers Defense has mastered. Perry has a long history with the Steelers. He was a starting safety with Pittsburgh for 7 years (’98 – ’00) and has 35 career interceptions.

After retiring from the NFL, Perry joined the Dick LeBeau’s Cincinnati Bengals coaching staff in 2002. He then joined Bill Cowher’s staff in Pittsburgh in 2003 and help coach the secondary to a great performance in a Super Bowl Title. When Bill Cowher retired, Perry was recruited to take over the reigns of a very talented Oakland Raiders secondary in 2007.

We believe you Packers fans will be extremely happy with the performance of your secondary next year with this hire. He is credited for developing standout safety Troy Polamula in Pittsburgh.

Green Bay Packers Are Searching For Answers


Now what?
The Green Bay Packers are 5-6 and looking less and less like a playoff team unless they win the NFC North division. That being said, the Packers are not catching or creating the breaks that went their way last year. The easy answer is the fact that #4 is a New York Jet and they are reapping the benefits of his aura and presence by becoming one of the best teams in the AFC, and you may hay have a point with that way of thinking because it is a results oriented business and 8-3 is better than 5-6 period. 
Go Back to August and ask yourself if this was expected and the answer is problably not. If anything coming off a NFC Championship appearance you would hope that other elements of the team would have improved including the coaching, yes the coaching which has most of the season been kind of been overlooked and not as scrutinized as the play of Aaron Rodgers, the D line and other players specifically. Special teams has been at best suspect especially the coverage teams, the defensive line coach has not got anything special out of his unit, my man Edgar Bennett can also be taken to task a little for the lack of progress in the running game until very recently and for all the accolades Winston Moss get as assistant head coach-linbackers coach have we seen any real improvements in the that group? If anything Barnett before the injury didnt look sharp and A.J. Hawk and Poppinga have regressed so far this season. Has coach Mac done anything with his play calling and in game adjustments to make you believe he has grown as a play caller…you tell me?
The great thing about this is all the worts exposed this year can be forgotton if the Pack surge and when 4 of the last 5 or even better sweep out and go 10-6. That will surely guarentee another playoff for the Packers and keep those whispers at a minimum for a little while, but those whispers will be statements of loud opinon, especially if Brett Lorenzo Favre keeps the streaking Jets rolling along, stay tuned.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee

He’s Back!

Forget staying home and watching the girls grow up. Forget riding that damn tracker every day. Forget throwing footballs to the local high school team wide receivers. Forget Aaron Rodgers is the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback!

I’m Brett Farve and I’m coming back to take what’s mine… tomorrow!

Buckle Up… This Could Get A Little Bumpy

It is not conjecture, speculation or hypotheticals no more, it is all about decisions and actions now. Brett Lorenzo Favre signed and faxed his re-instatement papers to the NFL and it is a matter of time now the Green Bay Packers have to make moves that impact the short and long-term results of the franchise. Ted Thompson now is going to make the move he is being forced to make, either trade #4, ask him to stay at home or bring him in and deal with all the distractions that brings.

The latest strange turn in “As the swamp-billy turns”, Packers President Mark Murphy flew down to the Hattiesburg Compound and ask Favre to stay on the tractor, or go huntin…not gonna happen. Deanna (the wife) and “Bus” Cook (the agent) thinks Brett is getting played by the organization, just being a “dummy” as far as they are concerned. So it looks like after the soft deadline he is gettin in dat der flying machine and coming up to the stadium. Players are in camp and practice is in full effect mode, my guess is the Favre questions are already annoying the heck out of everyone at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, get use to that boys & girls it’s only going to get worse and weird.

Throw in the fact that this whole swamp billy soap opera is effecting other NFL Camps in Hempstead, NY, Disney Sports Complex in Orlando FL and Mankato MN…you figure out the
teams. And causing coaches and quarterbacks to not just look over their shoulders but step out of the way of these bullets being shot them from Green Bay WI. Bringing the swamp-billy saga to different zip codes, yikes!

Now we get to the fun of this soap opera, what happens next? Does Favre get his way? Do the Packers get their way? Aaron Rodgers twist an ankle? Does this change the pre-game free meal we get in the press box. Who are all those security guards going to protect now running off the field? How can we some how blame Mike Tyson for all of this? The most important question; what would Lee Remmel do? These are questions that demand answers.

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee