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What’s Up With The Candy Girls Show… Hot or Not?

Video Chicks Now Have A Reality TV Show... What's Next???

Video Chicks Now Have A Reality TV Show... What's Next???

I have to admit that I’ve been out to lunch on this show ’cause I just don’t do reality tv. However, I’m beginning to read and hear more about this show and may have to watch a few minutes to judge for myself.

If you’ve watched this joint do me a favor and drop some comments about it and let me know if it’s worth my time or not.


Ludacris Is Everywhere

Hip Hop star Ludacris is in the building to watch LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, Luda makes sure he promotes his album and two movies when they pass the mic his way. We ain’t mad at you Luda… make that money!!!!

Jason Whitlock Too Black Too Strong


Bar none, this brother is the loudest, proudest and for damn sure the strongest African-American sports commentator outside of New York… William Rhoden has that metro area on lock.

Jason has managed to make black and white audiences hate his XXXL frame simultaneously. This man tells African-American athletes to shun the Hip Hop culture and its destructive message and to be professionals. He tells White Americans to stop making excuses for African-American athletes and to hold them to task. 

Today, Jason was the guest host of the nationally syndicated Jim Rome Radion Show and he pulled no punches. He opened the broadcast talking about a recent meeting he participated in at the request of the NBA Union Chief Billy Hunter. The topic was about the influence of Hip Hop on the NBA and its players.

He spit fire about how the NBA has for several years been challenged by the image of its players and how Hip Hop has turned off viewers and paying customers. Jason further addressed how the NBA instituted a strict dress code (no bling, wave caps, baggy jeans) to fight the image problem. 

ESPN and some of its well known broadcasters took some shots during a rant on African-Americans “Bojangling” for money and success. Jason loudly proclaimed that he could still be working at ESPN if he “Stuart Scotted” on air. In his next breath he punched Mike Lupica by mentioning his tenure on the Sunday Sports Reporters. His theory is that he was removed because he disagreed with Mike’s crusade against Barry Bonds and his alleged steroids abuse. Jason thinks Mike is being phony and using Bonds as a scapegoat.

Other great moments from this show were when Dr. Harry Edwards called in to talk about Hip Hop and the African-American culture being hijacked by gangster behavior and thugism. 

This man is a must read, must listen and much watch whenever you can. Read his Real Talk messages at AOL and also at the Kansas City Star newspaper.