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Jason Whitlock On Eagles, McNabb

No good deed will go unpunished: That’s the best explanation for what is happening to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb.

McNabb embraced Philly’s acquisition of Michael Vick, and now Philly’s inability to trade/unload Vick is causing Andy Reid to strongly consider trading McNabb. If Vick isn’t on the Philly roster, Reid would keep McNabb and Kevin Kolb for one more season.

But Reid can’t justify keeping three quarterbacks. Vick would be disruptive as a third QB next season. Vick sees himself as a starter. Plus, Vick’s wildcat role with McNabb as the starter doesn’t work because McNabb is a quarterback who has to stay in rhythm.

The Eagles are going to get rid of their best quarterback to make room for their worst.

Oh how I hope this blows up and ruins the Eagles organization. Is Kevin Kolb the next Aaron Rodgers, the Favre replacement who revealed himself as a more-than-capable starter? Or is Kolb the classic, popular backup quarterback who can’t cut it when he’s the man?

I can’t answer that question. I’m a McNabb homer, and I haven’t seen enough of Kolb to know.

It’s a damn shame McNabb may not get one more year with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Brent Celek and LeSean McCoy. McNabb spent most of his career working with a second-rate supporting cast. The one time McNabb had proper support he had a career year and the Eagles played in the Super Bowl.

Saving face on the Vick pickup is worth damaging a Super Bowl run?

I’d hate to see McNabb sentenced to St. Louis. The Rams are allegedly considering parting with the first pick in the second round to acquire McNabb.

The Arizona Cardinals are making a mistake by not making a strong play for McNabb.


Kansas Football & Basketball Teams Brawl


Jason Whitlock wrote a very interesting column about the the infighting at Kansas between the football and basketball teams. As one that has the privilege of covering teams in The State of Wisconsin in particular the Milwaukee area I see the points Whitlock tried to explain by giving background on the “why” more than the “what” here. I also have a similar background as Whitlock in the sense that I didn’t live this hip-hop gangstar lifestyle growing up, but have always been exposed to it. The question of how to fix this was brought up, the answer is complex, but the foundation of it is simple, it is the word “NO!”

In our society privilege and access to certain opportunities come with one abilities to perform certain tasks and having special talents. Lost in the context of this is the ability for those who have these special talents from entertainers, politicians, sports talk show hosts (myself) to athletes to respect and have those around them suggest to these gifted citizens not to say or do certain things. Once they realize the power they have to respect boundaries, they don’t… because they don’t have to. Why? If it were that easy I would package, market and distrubute it myself.

Steve Haywood
On-air Host
“The Game”

My Issue With Jason Whitlock

I should feel like saying “#^&* Jason Whitlock” but I can’t do that, here is why. I reached out to Jason to do my show as a national columnist, author and man of color who takes controversial stands on a number of topics including race, ethics, and general behavior in the world of sports. I called Jason and after a terse dismissive phone call in which I was told how to possibly set-up an interview. I was a little offended at the tone in which I was spoken to, and let him know that in a email, in which he responded in kind explaining that if he spent his working day accommodating producers, requests etc…that he would have no life.
I respect that, and understand his time his very valuable, but at the same time there is a way to handle that situation, and a way not to in terms of general respect. There is not a lot of black national columnists or sports radio talk show hosts.  We usually at least will listen to each other, especially someone like me who can leave an impression with whoever I interact with. Trust me…I leave an impression. 
“That being said” a mentor of mine who is high powered in the national media told me not to take it personal, because he is like that with anyone who can’t help him, or what he trying to achieve, so I guess contrary to what some may believe, its not all we look out and help each other in black media. Though I was dissed, I still respect and agree with some opinions, and disagree with some of his columns and find that my personal interaction with him will not influence my opinion of his columns. 
If you saw the CostasNow town hall meeting on HBO there are a number of topics that were broached that are worth commenting on. The one that stuck out for me was the relationship between media and athletes. Contrary to what the perceptions are out there, most athletes are accepting of criticism, if fair and not biased with opinions or agendas based on reporters, columnists and other media pundits feelings.
The funny thing is as a member of the media, I have 2 general rules that work for me; It is not who you are it is what you do, how I deal and interact with you will impact my opinion of you. A lot of my colleagues don’t carry that thought process and allow that to impact their coverage of athletes, teams etc…I’m not saying I am not flawed, or biased on certain things, lord knows I’m opinionated!
I really try to find that balance in what I do. I feel that is fair to you as a reporter, a sports-talk show host or blogger (a topic I will address in a later blog wearing all those hats). The day I can’t differentiate the three different duties-jobs is the day I should not represent you in that locker room, at that game, on the radio or blogging.
I close knowing I have quite a bit to talk about with the Brewers, Bucks, Favre, NBA Playoffs and other major events in the world of sports, stay tuned I will pick-up the pace.
Its about time I got a lap-top…stay tuned!

Steve Haywood, Host of “That Being Said”
ESPN Radio 540 Milwaukee


Jason Whitlock Too Black Too Strong


Bar none, this brother is the loudest, proudest and for damn sure the strongest African-American sports commentator outside of New York… William Rhoden has that metro area on lock.

Jason has managed to make black and white audiences hate his XXXL frame simultaneously. This man tells African-American athletes to shun the Hip Hop culture and its destructive message and to be professionals. He tells White Americans to stop making excuses for African-American athletes and to hold them to task. 

Today, Jason was the guest host of the nationally syndicated Jim Rome Radion Show and he pulled no punches. He opened the broadcast talking about a recent meeting he participated in at the request of the NBA Union Chief Billy Hunter. The topic was about the influence of Hip Hop on the NBA and its players.

He spit fire about how the NBA has for several years been challenged by the image of its players and how Hip Hop has turned off viewers and paying customers. Jason further addressed how the NBA instituted a strict dress code (no bling, wave caps, baggy jeans) to fight the image problem. 

ESPN and some of its well known broadcasters took some shots during a rant on African-Americans “Bojangling” for money and success. Jason loudly proclaimed that he could still be working at ESPN if he “Stuart Scotted” on air. In his next breath he punched Mike Lupica by mentioning his tenure on the Sunday Sports Reporters. His theory is that he was removed because he disagreed with Mike’s crusade against Barry Bonds and his alleged steroids abuse. Jason thinks Mike is being phony and using Bonds as a scapegoat.

Other great moments from this show were when Dr. Harry Edwards called in to talk about Hip Hop and the African-American culture being hijacked by gangster behavior and thugism. 

This man is a must read, must listen and much watch whenever you can. Read his Real Talk messages at AOL and also at the Kansas City Star newspaper.