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Terrell Owens Wants Ray Lewis In Dallas


Here’s what was written in the Dallas Morning News. I am on the fence on this possible move… I want Ray Ray to remain in Baltimore. He’s as much a part of Charm City as crab cakes, Cal Ripken and the Inner Harbor.


Down Goes Dallas 44 – 6


When you need to win a game to make the playoffs… when you need to win the last game of the regular season to redeem an otherwise disappointing campaign… when you need to play big and shut up your critics but lose by 38 points on national tv there isn’t much for anyone to say. The Dallas Cowboys got the ___ knocked out of them by the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Stadium yesterday. Owner Jerry Jones must take a long look at how he is managing this franchise and make some important decisions.

Is Wade Phillips the head coach that can win a Super Bowl? Is Tony Romo a franchise quarterback? Is Jason Garrett a premiere offensive quarterback? What about T.O., is he still a #1 receiver? The list goes on from there… Packman Jones, Roy Williams (safety) and Flozell Adams are are question marks heading into the offseason.

Breaking News: Tony Romo Breaks Finger, Out 4 Weeks

ESPN’s Michael Smith is reporting that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has a broken finger and will be out the next month. Veteran Brad Johnson is now the man expected to step in and win games for a team which has lost 2 out of 3 contests.

In other news, Jessica Simpson was spotted making reservations for two on a 4-week luxury cruise.

Pacman Jones Tells Michael Irvin He Wants Big D


The buzz created after Adam “Pacman” Jones appeared on the Michael Irvin Radio Show was loud. Everyone immediately knew that Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones would be on the phone asking the Tennessee Titans what they want for Jones. The early word is that Jerry Jones is offering a 7th round pick and a player to be named later.

The Titans aren’t crazy or desperate even after granting Pacman the freedom to work out a deal with another team. He’s a franchise cornerback and they won’t just give him away for that offer.  

If Al Davis and the Raiders could have waited they would have been in the mix for Pacman. We believe he is a better cornerback (and player) than DeAngelo Hall… but it ain’t our money.

To listen to the Playmaker’s interview of Pacman Jones click on this Podcast